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Enhance the beauty of your hands with our natural nail polishes and manicure accessories. Intense nail polish colours, files, nail clippers… Everything to realise a perfect manicure!

  • An irresistible colour to make your summer do the twist! This nail polish "Corail" dresses your nails with a touch of brightness just in the trend.

  • You will fall in love for Avril Tomette nail polish, a pretty sweet orange! Easy to apply and long lasting, it will complement your collection of Avril nail polishes!

  • Reinvent the classic red nail polish with Avril Rouge Rétro nail polish! Its soft and deliciously vintage red colour will highlight your hands in a brushstroke! Made in France

  • You will fall in love with the sweetness of Avril Rose Thé nail polish! This beautiful ultra feminine pink will charm you with its retro spirit ... A little gentleness in this world of brutes!

  • For clean nails, Avril Nude nail polish is perfect ! Its natural color is adapted to an elegant  and discrete manicure. And long lasting ! 

  • It’s THE color of the year ! Very tendance, Avril nail polish Marsala looks good on any carnation. A chic and autumn shade for a womanly and elegant manicure.

  • Are you looking for a soft and natural result on your nails? Avril Galet nail polish is what you need! Neither beige nor grey, this pretty colour "greige" covers your nails in a subtle way.

  • Between brown and grey, this pretty Avril Taupe nail polish will quickly become a basic in your nail polish collection! For a chic and natural look, a layer of Taupe nail polish and it’s done!

  • Looking for a stylish and elegant nail varnish? Avril nail polish is definitely your Holy Grail! This pretty intense grey anthracite brings class and charm to all your looks, from the trendiest to the most classic!

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    Chic and glamourous are not only to be found in pure red. Test the nail polish "Coquelicot" for a light, spring alternative. Made in France

  • A beautiful red nail polish is a "must have" in your collection ! This one will not disappoint you, texture and brightness are at the rendez-vous…

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    A manicure must-have! This Opera Red nail polish will offer you elegant nails that will draw attention to you. Made in France

  • Melt for ultra-glamourous hands with this nail polish Bourgogne. Its classical but still chic colour offers your nails the most beautiful finery.

  • You don’t have a black red nail polish in your make-up kit yet? Quickly fix this mistake with Avril Bordeaux nail polish! Glamourissime, this pretty tint will bring you elegance and mystery!

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    To have the hands of a goddess, apply two coats of nail polish "Prune". This ultra intense and trendy colour warms up your look in one brush stroke.

  • Don't hesitate any longer to coat this nail polish "Violine" on your little hands. Its original and intense shade gives energy to your nails and look in every season.

  • Dare to wear this nail polish "Mille et une nuits" by Avril! Its intense colour with multiple reflections wakes up a tame outfit, or perfectly completes a rock style.

  • A nail varnish more intense than Avril Encre nail polish? Impossible ! Try quickly this pretty blue night with violin accents, you wil be captivated by its colour…

  • A little sweetness in this world of brutes with Avril Beige Rosé nail polish! Ultra natural, this pretty flesh-coloured tone particularly emphasizes the tanned skins.

  • Perfect for summer, the nail polish Sable Doré adorns your nails with its warm and original colour and brightens your style of its golden sparkles.

  • Chic and trendy at the same time, this dark grey nail polish glitters with beautiful green sparkles. Easy to apply, long-lasting, it doesn't contain the 7 most noxious ingredients for nails.

  • Need some sweetness? You will love Avril Bleu Layette nail polish! Its attractive sky blue colour emphasizes the beauty of your hands in a few seconds.

  • To stand out from others, nothing is better than an indigo blue nail polish! This nail polish prettily named Lapis Lazuli like the volcanic stone colour. It grants you an infallible covering and a long-lasting manicure!

  • Be proud to wear French colours with Avril Bleu de France nail polish! Easy to apply, it has a long lasting and is composed of 70 % natural ingredients. For sure, this little frenchie is going to become your favorite!

  • An ultra bright and feminine manicure? Easy with Avril Banquise nail polish! In a few strokes of brushes, here is a pretty faux white slightly blue which will leave no one ... cold! ;-)

  • Apply some sweetness on your nails with the new Avril nail polish Vert d’eau! With its long-lasting and glossy finish, it will stay several days without letting you down!

  • We bet you will be envied with Avril Lagon nail polish! Its pretty green blue colour delightedly retro promises you an ocean of compliments!

  • For a beautiful manicure with no fuss, this Avril Lait de Rose nail polish is ideal! Its attractive pinkish cream colour offers you a lovely result: a chic and elegant manicure!

  • A little sweetness in this world of heavies with Avril Rose Ballerine nail polish! Apply this pink baby colour on your nails and… you’re feeling better now, aren’t you? ;-)

  • Do you want softness? Adopt this Rose Tendre (soft pink) nail polish by Avril, a fresh and feminine colour, perfect for this season !

  • Bring some peps to your nails with Avril Jaune Curry nail polish! Easy to apply, free from the 7 controversial ingredients, it stays with you several days with beauty!

  • For a deliciously fruity manicure, use the new Avril nail polish Mangue! Easy to apply and a long lasting, it dries quickly and leaves a shiny finish that will enhance your hands.

  • The weather is grey? This Pamplemousse rose nail polish immediately brings good mood! In a stroke of  brush, your nails are adorned with a beautiful pink-orange color... Isn’t life beautiful ?

  • Choose romantism with the nail polish Parme! Its discreet and delicate mauve colour adorns your nails with a coating of feminine softness.

  • Be beautiful from head to toe with this nail polish Rose Bollywood, easy to apply, with a long stay and 7free!

  • To change from the basic red, try the Avril Pourpre nail polish ! Easy to apply, long lasting, this very intense purple red nail polish will bring some fantasy to your outfit.

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    Apply a layer of good mood on your nails with Avril Sorbet Framboise nail polish ! A joyfull color, intense, shiny and long lasting : you won’t be able to live without this nail polish !

  • Want a super rock manicure for tonight? This Avril Nuit Noire nail polish will soon be in your makeup kit! Ultra black, long-lasting, it will not leave your nails all evening long!

  • If you have always dreamed of hands reflecting elegance and refinement, French manicure is for you. Take your nail polishes and our advice and you'll realize it is not that hard!

  • No, it's not that hard! A pretty French manicure perfectly completes a natural and meticulous make-up. So, just do it!

  • This two in one is an absolute must have for a successful manicure. As a base, it protects your nails by preventing them from turning yellow or splitting. As a top coat, it gives depth and brightness to the colour, for a long lasting result. Made in France

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    The trend is to matte nail polish! Transform any glossy nail polish into a trendy matte nail varnish with Avril matte top coat! Easy to apply, it dries quickly and extends the lifetime of your coloured nail polish.

  • Stop to fragile nails with Avril transparent hardener nail polish! Thanks to two combined effects, an immediate mechanical effect and a long-term care effect, your nails regain all their strength!

  • Say no to fragile nails with Avril Nude hardener nail polish! Thanks to two combined effects, an immediate mechanical effect and a long-term care effect, your nails get back strong!

  • Nobody wants to display yellowed nails, right ? Avril whitener nail polish will help you: it offers an immediate whiteness effect but it is also a real anti-yellowing long-term care.

  • We all want healthy nails! So quickly, we apply Avril nourishing and protective nail polish that intensely moisturizes and strengthens the nails, while coloring them gently.

  • Easy, Fast and fun: the Instant nail polish Remover is revolutionising the nail polish removing! Put your fingers in the foam for a minute and your nail polish is gone! Made in France

  • Avril gentle nail polish remover is fast and effective. In a flash, your nail polish has gone to give you free reign for your imagination! Made in France

  • Let's go for a cleansing with Avril organic cotton pads! Made from 100% organic cotton fibers, they promise you an efficient but especially eco removal.

  • Indispensable accessory for a successful chiropody! These toe separators allow you to apply your nail polish without overflowing for a perfect application.

  • This professional file is the perfect product for a good manicure. It has 2 complementary faces. The thicker face outlines the nail shape while the thinner one refines the finishing touches.

  • You need to try this all-in-one product! This maxi polisher offers you complete nail care in only 3 steps!

  • You can’t have beautiful hands without paying attention to your nails! This large nail clippers is perfect for a cross-section clear-cut. It has a recuperator which makes it really convenient to take it everywhere with you.

  • These wooden sticks are great for pushing back the cuticles without hurting them which can create small unsightly bleeds.