An impeccable hygiene, really soft thanks to natural and organic ingredients: deodorant or toothpaste, they will take care of you daily and never let you down!

  • 3 €

    Thanks to its natural ingredients, Avril certified organic toothpaste guarantees perfect oral hygiene. The organic aloe vera protects your gums and associates with organic mint for a pleasurable sensation of freshness.

    3 €

  • 2,50 €

    A must to start a full day with serenity! This certified organic 24 hours roll-on deodorant contains organic red hibiscus extract that moisturizes * and accelerates the cellular renewal of this often irritated area. Made in France * Moisturizing of the upper layers of the epidermis

    2,50 €

  • 5 €

    Avril certified organic intimate gel is formulated without soap and with a physiological pH to take care and preserve the balance of your intimate zone. Gynecologically tested, it contains organic flower water of calendula, known for its soothing properties.

    5 €