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Organic body care

Allow yourself a moment of wellness with the certified organic body care products by Avril: thanks to their organic ingredients, they cover your body with softness and leave your skin smooth.


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    You’re brilliant, aren’t you? Display it with Avril certified organic multi-purpose shimmering dry oil! Enriched with organic sweet almond oil, it softens and nourishes your skin and your hair. Natural glitters light up your skin and enhance your tan.

  • This care contains organic sugar, rice powder and almond shell for a gentle and effective scrub. It leaves a fresh and fruity fragrance on your skin. Made in France

  • Pretty feet must be earned! So we take care of it by applying Avril certified organic foot scrub: enriched with organic shea butter, it eliminates roughness while preventing drying out. Made in France

  • We tend to forget them but they need to be nourished! Thanks to Avril certified organic foot cream enriched with organic lavender floral water, your feet get back softness and suppleness! Made in France

  • As a real moisturizing cream, the Avril certified organic cold cream protects your skin with an anti-drying shield, thanks to its organic sweet almond oil, organic shea butter and organic bee wax. Made in France

  • Take care of your skin with Avril certified organic body milk. Composed of organic aloe vera and organic shea butter, it nourishes, softens and protects the skin without greasy effect!

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    Dreaming of a very soft and deliciously scented skin? With Avril certified organic bath and massage oil, it's easy! Pour few drops in your bath for a relaxing moment or use it as a massage oil, it’s up to you! Made in France

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    Is your skin dry, does it feel tight? Relieve it by generously applying Avril dry oil body lotion with organic argan oil and sunflower oil. It’s very easy to apply, lightly perfumed and it doesn’t leave a greasy film. It can also be used as a massage oil. A real moment of well-being! Made in France

  • Sensitive skin will love it! Hypoallergenic, Avril certified organic neutral cream is formulated without perfume. Enriched with organic sweet almond oil and organic shea butter, it brings immediate comfort to your skin.

  • Your skin is dry? The Avril face and body cream certified organic brings immediate soothing for your skin. Enriched with shea butter and aloe vera, it nourishes and protects your skin. Made in France

  • Go on a summer olfactive journey with Avril certified organic Fraîcheur d’agrumes liquid hand soap! Its delicious fruity notes associated with its soft texture will give you the smile!

  • Take off for an olfactory journey with Avril certified organic Champs de Lavande liquid soap! Its sweet formula with lavender essential oil respects the fragile skin of your hands.

  • The delicateness of Avril certified organic Pétales de Rose liquid soap will enchant you! Enjoy its delicious scent of rose and take care of the fragile skin of your hands thanks to its ultra soft texture.

  • Make your shower become a moment of comfort and well-being with Avril Amande certified organic soap! Its delicious fragrance and its soft texture ... You will love this soap! Made in France

  • Start the day with femininity and softness with certified organic Provence soap Avril. Its delicate rose fragrance will delight your senses ... Beware, you will fall in love with this soap! Made in France

  • Travel to Morocco with this Fleur d'Oranger certified organic soap! Its airy texture leaves your skin soft and delicately scented. Made in France

  • To start the day in a good mood, this Avril Figue soap certified organic is perfect! You won’t be able to live without its fresh and fruity smell and its very soft foam! Made in France

  • Carefull, you will become addicted to this Avril certified organic Provence soap! Its scent of small raspberry, fruity and tangy as wished, is totally regressive! Made in France

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    A little travel to South of France with this certified organic Avril Provence soap! Its lavender scent takes you to holidays ... and you forget all your worries! Made in France

  • Smooth and fresh, this Verveine certified organic soap will delight your senses! Its smooth and foaming texture is pleasant to apply. A good way to start the day in a good mood!  Made in France

  • Let your senses travel with Avril Romarin certified organic soap! Its original but delightful fragrance will surprise you ! Made in France

  • Need a little refresh in the morning ? This certified organic soap Avril is made for you ! Its delightful mint fragrance will help you wake up gently and gives enough energy to start your day ! Made in France

  • Sensitive skin will love it! Thanks to its fragrance-free hypoallergenic formula, Avril certified organic neutral cleansing base is perfect for a gentle cleansing of the face, body and hair.

  • Pamper yourself and your body thanks to this certified organic shower gel! Its delicious scent Apricot-Almond, its silky texture, its organic ingredients are soft for your skin: it turns your shower time to a real moment of well-being! Made in France

  • Who said that love of good food was a bad thing? You have the right to succumb with Avril certified organic Délice de Poire shower gel! As a bonus, it takes care of your skin thanks to the organic aloe vera contained in its formula.

  • To start the day, take a refreshing and invigorating shower with Avril certified organic Zeste de Citron shower gel! Enriched with organic aloe vera, without soap, it cleans your skin gently.

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    Enjoy shower time and travel away with Avril certified organic Crème de caramel shower gel! Its delicious vanilla scent will take you straight in the islands while its formula with meadowsweet hydrolat tones your skin gently. Made in France

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    Transform your shower time and let your senses travel with this organic shower gel by Avril ! Rich in organic aloe vera, this shower gel will leave your skin feeling as soft as a baby and naturally perfumed! Made in France

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    Avril certified organic intimate gel is formulated without soap and with a physiological pH to take care and preserve the balance of your intimate zone. Gynecologically tested, it contains organic flower water of calendula, known for its soothing properties.

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    For strong hair and nails, apply Avril certified organic castor oil, a natural remedy that has prove its worth! It is a pure and 100% organic oil. Made in France

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    A must to start a full day with serenity! This certified organic 24 hours roll-on deodorant contains organic red hibiscus extract that moisturizes * and accelerates the cellular renewal of this often irritated area. Made in France * Moisturizing of the upper layers of the epidermis

  • Freshness effect with Avril certified organic spray deodorant and its fresh and sweet scent! Its fluid and non-greasy formula with organic aloe vera protects  armpits fragile skin.

  • For a beautiful smile, take care of our teeth is very important !! Avril organic toothpaste assure you a good oro-dental hygiene and its smooth texture take care of  the most sensitives gums.  

  • Thanks to its natural ingredients, Avril certified organic toothpaste guarantees perfect oral hygiene. The organic aloe vera protects your gums and associates with organic mint for a pleasurable sensation of freshness.

  • Regenerating, soothing and moisturizing*, the dry, sensitive and damaged skins will love it! Avril certified organic aloe vera gel is THE must-have to repair and soften the skin in record time. * Moisturizing of the upper skin layers

  • Protect and nourish your skin, hair and nails with only one product: Avril organic coconut oil! This 100% pure and cold pressed oil wraps you in softness and a voluptuous holiday scent ...

  • To take care of your skin naturally, nothing like Avril certified organic sweet almond oil! Nourishing and protective, its ultra generous texture provides immediate comfort to your skin.

  • We no longer present the beauty oil of Morocco! Nourishing, regenerating, Avril certified organic argan oil restructures the skin and thus fights skin aging.

  • The avocado is good! Good for the health, it is also for the skin thanks to its nourishing and protective virtues, Avril certified organic avocado oil will quickly become your must-have!

  • Avril certified organic jojoba oil is your skin friend! Its structure, close to that of sebum, has balancing properties. Relaxed, nourished, your skin is beautiful!

  • After sun exposure, your skin needs comfort. Avril certified organic after sun body cream brings it to you immediately: organic olive oil, organic shea butter, organic aloe vera... Your skin says thank you!

  • Well-being, relaxation and tenderness are there with the Eau de toilette Coeur de bois certified organic Avril   It wraps you with warm and comforting woody notes for a real moment of letting go. Made in Francia

  • Let yourself rock by charmingly regressive notes with the Eau de toilette Infinie Tendresse certified organic Avril. This greedy and intimist floral is a real ode in the femininity, tenderness and love. Made in France

  • The Eau de toilette Lueur persane certified organic Avril is a real elixir of seduction: this oriental vibrating coils up in the hollow of your neck and spread its mesmerizing and sensual trail up to the night end. Made in France

  • Enjoy the sophisticated arrogance of Eau de toilette water Bouquet royal certified organic Avril. This royal fragrance invites in an intoxicating waltz of elegant notes, sometimes chypre, sometimes floral, always unexpected. Made in France

  • More than an eau de Cologne, the Avril certified organic Eau de toilette Joie d'été expresses modernity, enjoyment and positive energy. This freshwater is a festival sparkling with sun-kissed fruity notes. Made in France