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Eye shadow

Intense and natural pigments, silky textures  that are easy to apply, natural and organic ingredients that take care of your skin : in a flash, our certified organic eye shadows will highlight your expression.

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    To achieve a nude make-up, nothing is handier than a palette: you have all colours you need! This palette proposes 6 nude eye-shadows certified organic. They are easy to apply and long lasting. 

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    For day or night, make beautiful smoky eyes that will highlight the intensity of your look thanks to Avril Smoky Palette ! These eye-shadows are certified organic and stay all day long for a sophisticated make-up!

  • For an ultra intense look, Avril certified organic Ébène Mat eye shadow is THE ultimate eye shadow! Intensely pigmented, easy to apply, it sculpts your eyes in a few brushstrokes.

  • This Ivoire Nacré eye shadow is perfect as a base, before applying an eye shadow of another colour. It can also be used on its own to discreetly illuminate your eyes.

  • Attract a lot of glances thanks to this Désert certified organic eye shadow. Its soft and creamy feel makes it ultra-comfortable.

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    This Avril Beige mat certified organic eye shadow will quickly become indispensable in your make-up kit! It is perfect to unify your eyelid and provide a basis for eye make-up: the result will be even more successful!

  • With this Or Vénitien eye shadow certified organic, put some gold on your eyelids ! Its super gentle texture will make your eyelids sparkle without being too aggressive on them.

  • Don't wait to adopt this Cuivre Irisé eye shadow certified organic! Super gentle when applied, it suits every eyelid in the twinkling of an eye !

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    To achieve a natural eyes make-up, this pretty Avril Noisette irisé certified organic eye shadow is perfect! Its light brown tint allows you to make a nude make-up while highlighting your eyes with its iridescent texture that illuminates eyes.

  • Intensify your look naturally with this brown matt eye-shadow certified organic by Ecocert. Its silky and creamy touch makes this shadow ultra-comfortable.

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    This organic certified brown eye shadow gets its natural wealth from the earth. It kindles the brightness of your eyes, moisturises them and makes your eyelids more flexible.

  • An intense look in the blink of an eye ? It's possible with this matt eyeshadow Gris anthracite certified organic by Ecocert. With your finger or your brush, its silky texture is really easy to apply.

  • Perfect to make smoky eyes softer than with a black eye shadow, this Gris Perle Irisé eye shadow is perfect to gently intensify your look.

  • To set your look on fire, adopt the eyeshadow "Volcan" by Avril. It leaves your eyelids soft and flexible for unrivalled comfort.

  • Apply a little bit of softness to your eyelids with this iridescent eye shadow "Bleu de Minuit". Certified organic by Ecocert, this eye shadow with its soft texture will turn you into an addict for this pretty and intense midnight blue. After a few brushstrokes, your look will be deeper and mysterious...

  • For an ultra-glamour look, allow yourself Aurore eye shadow, which will illuminate your look with its precious and opal colour. Its silky appearance brings your eyelids comfort and moisture.

  • Put a little bit of colour on your eyelids! This eye-shadow Prune Irisé certified organic will intensify your eyes in a flash: its ultra-silky texture is easy to apply and lasts all day long ! You can be sure that this Prune eye shadow will never leave your makeup bag !

  • Give some body to your look thanks to the violet eyeshadow "Vendange" by Avril. Its silky finish and satiny reflections makes your look sublime for a perfect and light makeup.

  • The original colour and the slightly pearly appearance of the eyeshadow "Marécage" illuminates your look instantly. Its silky texture floats like a veil on your eyelids.

  • What a duo! On the one hand, an eye shadow Taupe nacré to illuminate the eyelid and the other hand a pencil Noir Charbon to intensify the eye contour. Certified organic, rich in organic castor oil, this duo jumbo shows off your eyes in a few pencil strokes.

  • This duo jumbo won’t leave you anymore! On the one hand, a Cuivre Irisé eyeshadow, on the other hand, a Terre Brûlée pencil to draw the outline of your eyes. Easy, handy, this duo is certified organic, made in France and contains organic castor oil that protects and nourishes your skin.

  • Equip yourself with this duo for a nice eye make-up wherever you are! On the one hand, an eye shadow Beige Doré that illuminates your eyes, on the other a Cuivre Irisé pencil to draw the outline of your eye. Made in France, certified organic, this jumbo pencil will take care of your eyelids.