Nail accessories & remover

A manicure must start with a perfect nail polish removal: without acetone, Avril nail polish removers erases softly all nail mark. And for a perfect manicure, discover our nail accessories: files, nail brush, cuticles pushers, nail clippers...

  • 8 €

    Remove your nail polish gently with Avril certified organic gentle nail polish remover! Enriched with organic sweet almond oil and castor oil, it eliminates all types of varnish in seconds!

    8 €
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  • 5 €

    Easy, Fast and fun: the Instant nail polish Remover is revolutionising the nail polish removing! Put your fingers in the foam for a minute and your nail polish is gone! Made in France

    5 €

  • 1,70 €

    Let's go for a cleansing with Avril organic cotton pads! Made from 100% organic cotton fibers, they promise you an efficient but especially eco removal.

    1,70 €

  • 1 €

    These wooden sticks are great for pushing back the cuticles without hurting them which can create small unsightly bleeds.

    1 €

  • 1 €

    Indispensable accessory for a successful chiropody! These toe separators allow you to apply your nail polish without overflowing for a perfect application.

    1 €

  • 3 €

    Nothing can resist it! This nail brush has been especially made to remove rebel stains from nails. Its handle is really convenient and allows the control of the cleaning.

    3 €

  • 1,50 €

    You can’t have beautiful hands without paying attention to your nails! This large nail clippers is perfect for a cross-section clear-cut. It has a recuperator which makes it really convenient to take it everywhere with you.

    1,50 €

  • 1 €

    This professional file is the perfect product for a good manicure. It has 2 complementary faces. The thicker face outlines the nail shape while the thinner one refines the finishing touches.

    1 €