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Get equipped with high quality Avril make-up brushes for your eyes, complexion and lips. Really pleasant to use thanks to their soft hair, they promise you a precise application of your make-up.

  • Very soft, the Avril ball complrexion brush allows you a very rapid application of your foundation. Result: a uniform and natural complexion in a flash!

  • For a perfect application of your foundation, try the Avril brush complexion brush! Its ergonomic form allows to obtain a good covering mark-free.

  • Going into contouring? Nothing is easier with the Avril contouring brush! Very thick and solid, he is perfect for precision work and allows to sculpt your complexion.

  • The short hairs of Avril complexion & powder brush will follow your face contours and nose reliefs for a soft and performing application of your liquid or powder foundation. Natural result and mark-free, time-saving use: this brush in in brushes hit parade !

  • Multiuse, the Avril complexion & powder precision brush is the ideal tool for a targeted application of your concealer, highlighter, powder, by making the application easier.

  • A small adjust is necessary? Opt for Avril complexion and powder corrector brush: precise, it applies powder or liquid textures for an easy and fast correction!

  • You will adore the precision blush brush:  multiuse, it allows to have a little retouch of powder in the mid of the day, to apply blush at the bottom of your checkbones for a good complexion, or to fix concealer.

  • An ultra-fast make-up? This is what Avril shader brush offers you: in a single gesture, your eyes are "dressed"!

  • The Avril + shader brush, larger than the classical shader brush, is ideal to apply eyeshadows in flat tint, in a flash.

  • Looking for a brush for a smoky eye? Look no further, Avril precision brush is the perfect tool for a enchanting look in 2 steps!

  • Avril smudger brush is the perfect tool for you! Its rounded tip and soft hairs gradient the colours in the blink of an eye! Specially dedicated for the eyelid hollows it easily structures, now the pro is you!

  • A classic to apply easily eye shadow! Avril eye applicator brush, soft and dense, allows an intense and precise make-up.

  • We often forget them but eyebrows give structure to the face! Take care of them thanks to the Avril eyebrow and bottle brush duo brush: a very useful 2 in 1!

  • The thin and convex shape of this eyelid brush allows you to quickly and easily apply eye shadows. The pony hair, neither too hard nor too fluffy, is perfect to apply your favourite colours with precision.

  • This eye shadow brush is the perfect tool for a precise make-up. Its bevelled shape allows it to adapt perfectly to every eye shape, for a natural and uniform make-up.

  • To realize a professional makeup, the brush for eyelid crease Avrilis the tool you need! Its rounded tip and its really soft hair enable you to shade off your eyeshadows in the twinkling of an eye!

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    The thin and convex shape of this lip brush allows you to quickly and easily put the right amount of product on your lips. The pony hair, neither too hard nor too fluffy, is perfect to apply your favourite colours with precision.

  • For a eyes makeup which expects accuracy,the Avril precision brush is indispensable. Its short, dense hairs and its rounded head allows to deposit and blur the eyeshadow very precisely.

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    With its long stick, it is the ideal brush to apply all your eye shadows! It only takes the right amount of product for a perfect and easy application.

  • This Round duo fibres brush for foundation is made of 2 different fibres: a synthetic fibre and a natural one for an easy application of your foundation without any trace. Result: A perfect complexion in no time at all!

  • This tool is a double whammy: one side is an eye lash brush and the other side an eyebrow brush! So useful !

  • Leave lines and masses behind! This blush brush will become your best friend to apply every blush like a real make-up artist!

  • For a natural finish adopt this professional foundation brush. Thanks to its hair, it perfectly applies the right amount of product on your skin without ending up with a cakey face!

  • This powder brush made with goat hair is perfect to uniformly apply all powders: loose or compact! The brush is thick and gives a natural and quick application on the skin, neck or cleavage.

  • Your eyes makeup is perfect but some eyeshadow have settled on your cheekbones? Don't panic, use the Avril fan brush to remove them … There's nothing else to see!

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    This kabuki brush will fastly become a favourite! With its reeaaally soft hairs, this brush is like a caress on your skin. Loose or compact powder, it is perfect to apply just the right quantity of powder on your skin for an ultra-natural finish.

  • It is indispensable to always have a clean brush; these refills will allow you to have perfect make-up without any trace of your last applications!

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    This retractable powder brush will never leave your travel vanity! Compact, handy and hygienic, this brush with ultra soft hair put the right dose of powder on your face for an ultra natural result.

  • The cosmetic applicators are perfect to apply your make-up easily, blend your eye shadows and re-apply it during the day! Really useful!

  • For natural cleansing, try the make-up remover sponge! Perfect with your daily lotion, it will remove all your make-up traces in a flash!