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Responsible and glamorous gift ideas? Easy with Avril gift boxes: certified organic make-up and skin cares, 7free nail polishes, beauty accessories... You can also make your personalized gift or opt for a gift card!

  • More than an eau de Cologne, the Avril certified organic Eau de toilette Joie d'été expresses modernity, enjoyment and positive energy. This freshwater is a festival sparkling with sun-kissed fruity notes. Made in France

  • The Eau de toilette Lueur persane certified organic Avril is a real elixir of seduction: this oriental vibrating coils up in the hollow of your neck and spread its mesmerizing and sensual trail up to the night end. Made in France

  • Well-being, relaxation and tenderness are there with the Eau de toilette Coeur de bois certified organic Avril   It wraps you with warm and comforting woody notes for a real moment of letting go. Made in Francia

  • Let yourself rock by charmingly regressive notes with the Eau de toilette Infinie Tendresse certified organic Avril. This greedy and intimist floral is a real ode in the femininity, tenderness and love. Made in France

  • Enjoy the sophisticated arrogance of Eau de toilette water Bouquet royal certified organic Avril. This royal fragrance invites in an intoxicating waltz of elegant notes, sometimes chypre, sometimes floral, always unexpected. Made in France

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    You’re brilliant, aren’t you? Display it with Avril certified organic multi-purpose shimmering dry oil! Enriched with organic sweet almond oil, it softens and nourishes your skin and your hair. Natural glitters light up your skin and enhance your tan.

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    To achieve a nude make-up, nothing is handier than a palette: you have all colours you need! This palette proposes 6 nude eye-shadows certified organic. They are easy to apply and long lasting. 

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    For day or night, make beautiful smoky eyes that will highlight the intensity of your look thanks to Avril Smoky Palette ! These eye-shadows are certified organic and stay all day long for a sophisticated make-up!

  • Go on for a journey in the South of France with the Avril Escale dans le Sud gift box!  Tre soaps with delicous Provence fragrances that will please to the most demanding noses. 

  • Sweet hands and lips, it's the ABCs ! So we offer this gift set Hydratation à plein tube composed with a hand cream and a lip balm. 

  • No misstep with this Avril gift set Je suis vernis: the red is a classic colour! And it is declined with 3 shades to fit all your desires! 

  • Taking care of our body, it's the first step to self acceptance. Thus, Avril offer you a gift set Je Bodypositive composed with a duo body scrub + body milk, for a smooth skin, chewable! 

  • What if we put more colour in our lives ? Avril offer you this gift set Mes crayons de couleur, composed with 4 lipstick pencils to give peps to any mouthes! 

  • Three lipsticks are better tha one, true ? So Avril offer you this gift set Plein de bisous composed with three lipstick very creamy and coloured!

  • Go on for a olfactive journey in South of France lavender fields with the Avril Lavande Provençale gift box, composed only with lavender perfumed products!  

  • Living in a world full of glitter? Easy with the Avril gift box Briller en société, composed with a shimmering body oil and a bronzing powder!

  • Come back to essentials with the Avril gift box Mes Essentiels! Gross products to use as is or to customize, it's up to you!

  • Men also take care of them! So we offer the Avril Un homme tout bio gift box, composed of a shaving cream, an after-shave balm, a facial cleansing gel and a shower shampoo!

  • Compose your own pretty gift with an ecological looking thanks to this small ecru drawstring bag: put some Avril make-up products inside and there you go!

  • Offer pretty ecological gifts by slipping Avril certified organic make-up in this ecru bag in order to be sure to please your relatives.

  • This cute makeup case in organic cotton will follow you everywhere. Practical and resistant, it will enable you to bring your Avril Makeup kit in holidays, weekends or wherever you want to go!

  • You will love this small Avril makeup case which looks so natural! In organic cotton, with a Zip, it will enable you to take with you everywhere all your Avril makeup without forgetting anything!

  • Let's go for a "green" shopping with Avril organic cotton bag! It reduces your consumption of plastic bags.

  • Put Avril certified organic make-up products into this kraft cardboard box that you want and in a few seconds your friends will be forever grateful!

  • Offer a chic and eco-friendly personalised gift box, thanks to Avril big gift box! In a kraft cardboard, she will be happy to welcome Avril products that you want to offer to your loved ones!

  • How can you be sure to always please your friends and relatives all year round? With the Avril gift card of course! It allows you to buy everything you want from the Avril website, the products, the colours… Really convenient when you are a little bit lost in the cosmetic jungle!

  • Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day… or simply for a little gift! You have many occasions to please your relatives. But sometimes as there are more and more events, it gets harder to find the perfect gift every time! That is why Avril has thought about this useful gift card! From now on, you will be sure to please everyone!

  • You can’t decide what to buy for your relatives? You don’t know all their make-up and daily care routine? This card was made for you! The lucky owner of this gift card will love it for sure!