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For a flawless complexion, concealer will be your best friend. Thanks to its covering power, the concealer will help you cover everything: you are radiant!

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    Cover up dark circles and imperfections become very easy with Avril Ivoire certified organic concealer! Its creamy texture is easy to apply, lasts all day and offers a very natural satin finish: you shine! Made in France

  • Need to hide dark rings and small flaws? Avril organic concealer's creamy texture gives it a super-covering which stays all day long. Its light colour enables to use it to be used as an illuminator too. Made in France

  • The night was too short? Say goodbye to dark rings thanks to Avril organic concealer: super-covering, it gives you a rested look in the wink of an eye! Made in France

  • To hide signs of tiredness, there's nothing like a good concealer! Quickly try Avril organic concealer: long-lasting, it conceals your dark rings all day long without weakening! Made in France