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Natural loofah sponge

Natural, the slightly rough fibers of the Avril loofah sponge effectively exfoliate your epidermis for softer, smoother skin.

Made in Spain

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Avril quality

  • Intense exfoliating action
  • 100% natural curcubitaceous fibers
  • Vegan product
  • Format: from 12 to 14 cm / from 7 to 9 cm in diameter. Dimensions may vary as loofah sponge is a natural, not manufactured product. Each sponge is therefore a unique product.
  • Cultivated and made in Spain


How are Avril loofah sponges made?

The loofahs are fibers of curcubitaces cultivated and harvested in an artisanal way, they are then peeled, cleaned, washed and dried to obtain sponges of excellent quality.

How to use it ?

Before the first use, leave to swell for 15 minutes in hot water to restore flexibility to the natural fibers of the loofah sponge. Use on damp skin in the bath or shower. After each use, rinse it and air dry it.

This accessory can be associated with Avril certified organic body scrub which offers a gentler exfoliating power, for the most fragile areas of the body.

How to maintain it?

The life of this sponge is generally 3 months. Take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible: wash it from time to time at 60° maximum then let it air dry in a dry environment to prevent the development of mould.

Tip: when dry, the sponge can be cut into slices and used as a soap dish!

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100% natural loofah (curcubitaceous fibers)

Cultivated and made in Spain

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