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7 ultimate tricks to apply your nail polish

Publié le : 05/11/2017 10:32:46

Applying nail polish, it’s an art, otherwise the effect is quickly failed! Because we are nice, we have decided to give you these 7 tips for a pro application of your nail polish! Come on, here we go!

7 ultimate tricks to apply your nail polish

 1. I always put 2 coats of nail polish 

Do not be cheapskate, for a better hold and an optimal shine, it’s better to apply two coats of nail polish rather than one. The first layer must be very fine, you will put more on the second one for a uniform result. Attention, it’s necessary to wait a few minutes that the first coat is dry before applying the second. If you don’t wait, you will make horrible masses and it will be necessary to re-do the application of your nail polish from the beginning!


 2. I apply a base 

Remember to apply a base before putting on your nail polish. The base protects the nail from the pigments of the varnishes which tend to make it yellow especially the dark nail varnishes (red, blue ...). In addition to this, it allows a better holding of the varnish. It's all good, so do not zap the little base layer!


 3. I begin by manucuring my most deft hand 

To put nail polish easily, start by varnishing the hand with which you write. Putting on a nail polish is already quite difficult: if you start by manucuring the less skilful hand, it will then have to varnish the other and you must at the same time avoid damaging the varnish you have just laid! Life is already quite complicated, needless to add problems, right? ;-)


 4. I dip my fingers into cold water 

To finish an impeccable manicure, wait until the varnish is dry (yes, yes you are allowed to laze) then dip your fingers in a bowl of cold water (even ice-cold for the most courageous!). The cold makes the nail polish dry and thus ensure a long lasting result. Be careful, if you wipe your hands with a towel, you risk to destroy your work if you go a little fast. Then apply a last layer of top coat for a long hold and for a trendy glossy effect.

 Tricks to apply nail polish

 5. I put on top coat 

For a long lasting of your nail polish, do not hesitate to put a small layer of transparent top coat regularly on clean nails (regularly means every day if you are brave or at least every other day).


 6. I wear short nails 

Short nails will extend the life of your nail polish. The nail clipper is therefore your best friend. The long nails cling and bump more often without counting that the surface increases and the risks of scales with. If you still want to keep the nails long, you will not be angry, you were warned!


 7. I remove my varnish before handing it back 

If you want to re-put nail polish, first remove the remaining nail polish: if you do not, you can trap microbes between layers of varnish that could damage your nails ... To remove nail polish quickly , it's very easy. Put a nail polish remover (without acetone, it’s much less aggressive for the nails and for the skin!) on a cotton pad. Rub on the 10 nails quickly then return to the first and finish the job. The nail polish remover will have had a few seconds to act and removing the nail varnish will be easier and faster.


Because we are generous, you have kept a bonus for the end ! Two extra tips to keep your varnish longer this time:


 1. I put my varnish in the fridge 

To prevent it from thickening, make it cohabit with the salad and the ham. No, no, it's not a joke, keeping your nail polish in the refrigerator allows them to remain fluent.


 2. I dip it in hot water 

If your varnish has thickened following a prolonged opening or an expired expiration date, you can soak it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Do not hesitate to put in the bottle a few drops of solvent to dilute it. Go there little by little because once there is too much, it's failed!



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