At what age to use an antiaging cream?

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Years go by and you feel like the tiredness and old-age mark your face ? You are 25 and you don’t know if it’s time to worry about your wrinkles ? No need to turn your hair grey anymore, Avril answers to you !

 At what age can we begin to use antiaging creams? 

Generally, doctors and dermatologists will recommend to begin a antiaging treatment around 30 years. Indeed, it’s at that time that tissues begin to release themselves and that the cell renewal decrease.  Thus, we see fine lines on the face. The right impulse is to apply a cream which fights against the first wrinkles. The new Avril organic certified first wrinkles cream, enriched in organic soy oil, will be your best partner !  Apply a hazelnut-size of cream on your entire face (don’t forget your neck), morning and evening after your usual cleansing. The trick is done !

If you are more than 40 years, it wil be recommanded to apply, on a daily basis, antiaging creams or serum and oil that will regenerate your cells. Avril organic certified face serum and face oil enriched in argan oil will be perfect in this part ! Applied daily on your face and neck, they will nourish your skin and give a visibly smoother aspect.

Of course, you have the right to begin earlier, if you have a fine or clear skin, or if you made an excessive use of the sun during your childhood, or just if you feel like your skin becomes fragile and marks easily.

However, be careful not to yield to pressure of our society which plagues us with perfect skin women’s photos, especially in advertisements. Do not dream : these women do not exist, they have been invented by brands in the sole goal of making you buy rashly their products, often overpriced.

At which age we can begin to use antiaging creams

 So, which antiaging treatment use if we are under 30? 

To take care of your young skin, it’s absolutely necessary to choose a adapted treatment according to your type of skin :  no need to spread your face with antiaging creams designed to 40 years-old women, if you are 20 ! If your skin is going well and you don’t have wrinkles, then don’t use these products. Even worse : used too early, these products will have the opposite effect and will accelerate the ageing of your skin.

If you are between 25 and 30 years, chose treatments composed with hyaluronic acid, as the Avril organic certifed first wrinkles cream. This ingredient will allow to bridge fine lines efficiently. It exists also products with fruit acid, which will stimulates the skin’s collagen. Finally, do not forget your eye contour : this area, considered as the more fragile of your face, need a adapted treatment. Indeed, you can’t use the same cream on your face and on your eye contour ! Use a specific cream for eye contour, as the Avril organic certified one, enriched in shee-tree oil.

 How to delay the ageing of our skin? 

If you want to delay the appearance of fine lines, you absolutely have to nourish and moisturize your skin on a daily basis ! Indeed, moisture is the key for a healthy skin ! For this, cleanse morning and evening your face with a cleansing foam or a tonic lotion, as the ones offered by Avril, then apply a moisturizing cream adapted to your skin. Avril offers you moisturizing and nourishing creams adapted to every type of skin, whether they are sensitive, dry, normal or mixt… No more excuses ! 

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