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Beauty : little tips for holidays

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Is it necessary to make up in summer? Which skincare in my vanity case?

Beauty : little tips for holidays

Is it necessary to make up in summer?

It's up to you! In any case, don’t forget that in summer, when the temperature increases, the make up tends to flow. Foundationmascara and other pencils stay less well if you tends to sweat! In this case, it’s better to put less make-up: you will prevent the panda effect that will not bring you out! And avoid creamy textures. This is the perfect list for your vanity:

- Concealer, to hide shadows under your eyes and little imperfections. Put some powder for a long stay.
Compact powder to matify + a retractable pencil
- If necessary, a bronzer powder at the beginning of the journey
- A clear and iridescent eye shadow to light up the look
- Potentially a mascara if it is long lasting

Avoid khôl pencil, eye shadows and blushes in creamy texture, lipsticks… Anyway, the sun will provide you naturally a healthy glow !

Beauty tips during holidays

Which skincare in my vanity case?

As you will make up less, it’s not necessary to bring all your make-up removers. You will not either need to take a day cream, use a cream with UV indication to protect your face. This is our check list:

- Sun protection cream for body and face
Cleansing wipes (useful: no need to take cotton and no risk of accident!)
- Night cream to regenerate your skin during the night
- Body dry oil to feed your skin after the exposing
- Hygiene products: shampoo, shower gel, deodoranttoothpaste

Another tip, if you want to travel without too much products, fill small travel flasks with your favorite products! If you take the plane, you could bring your products in cabin if these small flasks are in a transparent case. It’s handy if you want to be at the top in the landing!

Have a good holidays, enjoy it ! :-)

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