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How to reduce waste in the bathroom?

Publié le : 12/22/2017 15:56:18

It is necessary to think about the reduction of its waste. In 5 steps, here are our tips for a more eco-friendly bathroom!

How to reduce waste in the bathroom?

There is today an ecological awareness in our society: we realise the pollution that humans create and we try to move towards a more ecological behaviour. In cosmetics, reducing non-biodegradable ingredients is a first step (we ban silicones from our creams and hair products!) But going organic is also an important step! Indeed, organic labels use manufacturing processes that are less polluting and more respectful of the planet!

But for an even more ecological way of life, it is also necessary to think about the reduction of its waste. In 5 steps, here are our tips for a more eco-friendly bathroom:


Buy your cosmetics in big format

Instead of buying 200 ml shower gel that you finish and buy back in less time than it takes to write it, choose large sizes of at least 500 ml, such as Avril certified organic shower gels ! They are economical and they use less plastic for the packaging! If you want even less waste, you can also use our certified organic Provence soaps!


Avoid cardboard packaging

What is the point of packing a day cream or toothpaste in a cardboard box? Nothing! To avoid all this unnecessary waste and thus protect the natural environment, we prefer the purchase of products without overpackaging. That's why none of Avril products are sold in a box!

 How to reduce the waste in bathroom

Reduce the use of cotton pads

Cotton is an extremely polluting and water-hungry industry. If you do not want to clean your skin with pesticides, start by focusing on organic cottons! Then limit their use: to remove make-up, use Avril certified organic cleansing oil or cleansing milk, you can use your fingers! Avril also offers washable cotton pads in organic cotton or water-rinse make-up gloves! In the same way, you can buy our organic cotton beauty cases to replace those made of plastic or traditional cotton!


Limit your cosmetic purchases

You do not need to have different kinds of creams, shower gels and shampoos open at the same time! And changing care routine too often is bad for the skin. Buy a day cream, and use it to the end! Better, if you have normal to dry skin, you can use face and body cream so you get 2 products in 1: practical, economical and environmentally friendly!


Do not throw away your products and recycle!

You have bought a product that does not suit you, or that you are unfortunately allergic to? Rather than put it directly in the trash, and if you give it a second life? Someone in your family or friends might be happy to enjoy it! And when you finish a product, do not forget to check if its packaging is recyclable! ;-)

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