How to well clean my make-up brushes?

Publié le : 10/12/2016 10:25:36

Make-up brushes are essential to create beautiful make-up! However, they must be washed regularly to be effective and not become a nest of bacteria. We give you some tips to take care of them!

How to well clean my make-up brushes?

Make-up brushes are essential to create beautiful natural make-up! However, they must be washed regularly to be effective and not become a nest of bacteria. We give you some little tips to take care of them!


 Why do I need to wash my make-up brushes? 

The question may sound silly but it's really important. It’s essential to clean your make-up brushes regularly to avoid that they become real nests of bacteria. Indeed, brushes are in contact with your skin everyday: sebum, dirt, dust, small pimples, they were spared nothing! Especially if you store them in a make-up case, the risk that your brushes are "colonised" by the bacteria increases dramatically.

Wash your brushes regularly, so you can maintain beautiful skin: you will avoid to drop off bacteria on your face and thus to clog your pores (which usually causes the appearance of acne).

If brushes for the complexion should be your priority for hygiene issues, brushes for the eyes must also be cleaned regularly. Indeed, how to apply a pale pink if you have made a black smoky with the same brush the day before?

 How clean make-up brushes

 How often do I need to clean my make-up brushes? 

What is the best frequency? The ideal would be everyday. But obviously it’s rather complicated. We recommend that you get on the job at least once a week, on Sundays, for example.

Here’s a little tip: makeup sponges absorb more impurities and it's necessary to clean them more often.


 What equipment is needed to clean my brushes? 

No need for lots of complicated and expensive equipment to clean your brushes. All you need is already in your closet!

  • Warm Water
  • Organic soap or shampoo (in which you can add a drop of olive oil for a better efficiency)
  • A towel or paper towel
  • Eventually, a bowl if you have a lot of brushes to clean


 Cleaning your make-up brushes: a little guide 

First, we recommend you to dip the head of your brush in the water (do not wet the handle, otherwise the wood will swell). Then, apply a soap nut (or soft shampoo) in your hand. Rub the brush in your hand by making small circular movements and rinse. Repeat until the water is clear.

If you have a lot of brushes, you can soak them in a bowl of water before: they disgorge much make-up before being cleaned properly.


 How to dry my make-up brushes? 

It’s imperative to be careful when drying your makeup brushes, especially if they have natural hairs: they are a bit more fragile than synthetic brushes.

Try, at first, to squeeze the maximum of water with your fingers. But don't pull on hairs!

Spread a small towel or a paper towel layer on a flat surface and place your brushes next to each other. It’s important not to dry head up because you run the risk of completely distorting your brushes.

That’s all! Now, you know all the good tips to clean your brushes naturally and easily, and you have no excuse to forget this very important step! ;-)

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