Jojoba, an essential ingredient in organic cosmetics

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What is jojoba? How to know if a cosmetic contains jojoba? Where to find products with jojoba? All the informations are in this article!

Jojoba, an essential ingredient in organic cosmetics

 Jojoba, an essential ingredient in organic cosmetics 

The jojoba is a plant from Arizona and Mexico where it is cultivated for the wax (called generally "jojoba oil") contained in its seeds. We also call it " Desert gold " or " Ewe walnut " because it grows in dry places, in the blazing sun.

The seeds are called "almonds" or "beans" because they are of an olive size and are collected during autumn. We extract the jojoba oil from it, a kind of liquid wax.


Benefits jojoba oil in cosmetics


 Jojoba in cosmetics: an unavoidable ingredient 

For the skin, the jojoba allows to settle sebum secretion. It is also ideal for sensitive, dry and acned skins. Moreover, it reveals moisturizing and soothing virtues. Indeed, jojoba oil creates a non-greasy film which protects the skin natural hydration against outside attacks such as cold or drought.

The jojoba can be also used on hair. It nourishes them, softens, strengthens and stresses their shine. Moreover, jojoba oil handles effectively seborrheic hypersecretion and dandruff.

Besides, the jojoba oil is used as antioxidant to protect cosmetic formulations.


 How to know if a cosmetic contains jojoba? 

To know if a cosmetic contains jojoba (wax or oil), you just have to check the ingredients list. The scientific name of jojoba is simmondsia chinensis. Seed wax Simmondsia chinensis seed cera/was will indicate wax of jojoba, while simmondsia chinensis oil (Jojoba seed oil)) will indicate jojoba oil.


 Where to find products with jojoba? 

Many of Avril organic cosmetics contain this great ingredient that is  jojoba. We find it in particular in certified organic mascaras, organic certified lip pencils and lipsticks, certified organic foundation and as well as in the certified organic exfoliating face cream.

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