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Nail polish: list of harmful ingredients to avoid

Publié le : 10/7/2016 11:06:52

Many nail polishes contain harmful ingredients for health and toxic for the environment. To avoid these, you only have to know them. Let's go!

Nail polish: list of harmful ingredients to avoid

What if beauty was synonym of noxiousness? Many nail polishes contain harmful ingredients for health and toxic for the environment. To avoid these, you only have to know them. Avril draws up the list of components to avoid in nail varnishes. Let's go!

Harmful ingredients to avoid in nail polish


They are the most known from the public. Parabens are preservatives widely used in cosmetics. They prevent the growth of bacterias in creams, lotions and other milks. They are synthetic ingredients derived from petrochemicals.

Applied to the skin, they are absorbed by the body and enter the bloodstream where they are broadcast into the body.

They are suspected of interfering with hormone function, that is to say, they imitate the functioning of estrogen and disrupt the health of the body.

There are several derivatives of parabens: methylparaben, butyl paraben, propyl paraben ... All the components which end with "paraben"… Take a look at the list of ingredients on your bottles!



Formaldehyde is also an antimicrobial preservative.

It’s a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), that is to say its harmful components are released into the air ... we inhale! Its smell is easily recognizable and in the cosmetic field, it is mostly used in nail polish.

Known as a carcinogen, it’s sometimes replaced by parabens ... which is not the best solution either!



Phthalates are produced from tar oil or coal and are generally used to flavour a cosmetic product. They are also rarely visible on product labels: they hide behind the headings "perfume" or "fragrance".

Even if they don’t accumulate in the body, they have the same endocrine disruptive action as parabens.



Toluene is a solvent which is not classified as a carcinogen but which remains a powerful and dangerous neurotoxin when inhaled.

We can find it in many cosmetics, including nail polishes as it facilitates the application on the nail.



Xylene is a solvent widely used in industry but also in nail polishes for cosmetic use. It’s also harmful by inhalation and skin contact.



Rosin is a solid residue obtained after distillation of turpentine from coniferous trees especially pines. You can find it in many cosmetics including depilatory waxes as well as nail polish. It’s criticized for its very high allergenic potential.



The last ingredient to avoid in the nail varnish is camphor. It’s known also as an endocrine disruptor.


Now you know the ingredients that you must avoid in nail polishes! For a more natural beauty, make your choice consciously!


Where I can find natural nail varnish?


Avril has a huuuge range of natural nail polishes, that is to say without the 7 toxic ingredients mentioned above: parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene, xylene, rosin and camphor.


About thirty intense colours + 1 top coat / base coat: easy to apply, they are ultra long lasting and offer an ultra glossy result! Their price? € 3! Come on, we bet you'll collect them!