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The aloe vera gel, why and how to use it?

Publié le : 03/10/2017 11:36:24

What is aloe vera? How to choose aloe vera gel? How to use aloe vera? What are the vertus of aloe vera? Avril tells you everything!

The aloe vera gel, why and how to use it?

 What is aloe vera? 

Aloe vera is a plant that is part of the aloe species. It is one of the most used plants in cosmetics with aloe ferrox. Recognized for its great medicinal properties, it is composed of more than 150 active ingredients, including minerals such as zinc and selenium, vitamins (C, E, B!). Aloe vera is therefore a real nutritional cocktail, moisturizing, healing, repairing and even anti-ageing! What more ?


 How to choose aloe vera gel? 

Be careful not to go wrong when buying aloe vera gel. Many gels sold in pharmacies, parapharmacie or even in supermarkets are actually made with water, to which is added, at best, a little liquid aloe vera juice or, in the worst case, dehydrated aloe vera powder. So it has nothing to do with the natural plant and the formula loses all its benefits.

To recognize a good aloe vera gel, look at its list of ingredients. In the first place must be found, of course, aloe vera under the name Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice. If you find in the first position the ingredient Aqua - water - it is not true aloe vera but aloe vera juice simply thickened.

Aloe vera vertues 

 How to use aloe vera? 

The aloe vera gel is known to have an infinity of benefits and therefore can be used in several ways. Here is a list (not exhaustive!):

- Moisturizing cream

Aloe vera gel is an ideal for oily skin that needs moisturising. Thanks to its hydrating and nourishing virtues, it will impregnate your skin softly, without saturating it. So you can use it as a day cream, especially in the summer. It will give you a fresh effect, a smooth and matte finish, without shining! Perfect, isn’t it ?

- Soothing skin care

Redness, irritation, sunburn or even after you have been shaved, the aloe vera gel will have an immediate soothing effect! Place a few drops of gel and gently massage the affected area. It will calm the feeling of warmth that you can feel and will even allow the healing of small wounds or cuts. Miracle!

- Lifting and firming skin care

Thanks to its repairing and anti-ageing properties, aloe vera gel can be used as a lifting mask for the eyes and the face especially on mature skin. To do this, apply a thick layer of gel on the whole of your face, insisting on the area around the eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with clear water before rehydrating with your usual cream.

The aloe vera gel will also make an excellent firming and healing gel, effectively fighting cellulite and stretch marks. Young mothers will love it!

- Hair care against dandruff and excess sebum

The aloe vera gel is particularly effective in the treatment of dandruff and excess sebum, which, if not treated in time, can inevitably cause hair loss. Thanks to all the nutrients contained in aloe vera gel, your hair will be revitalized at the root and will become beautiful and shiny! How to do ? It's simple, once or twice a week, gently massage the scalp a few minutes with aloe vera gel, preferably before your shampoo. For a more visible result, leave the solution overnight. Guaranteed effect!


Bonus: aloe vera gel also can be used as a detangling conditioner!


Now, you know how to use aloe vera gel! Then, friends of natural beauty, get this little treasure of nature as quickly as possible! ;)