Too light or too dark foundation, what to do?

Publié le : 01/5/2017 09:35:51
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Finding the right colour of foundation is quite difficult... Sometimes, we buy the wrong shade if we shop it on the internet or if we choose it in a physical store under yellow lights... it's not always easy to choose!


In the case you have already bought a too light or too dark foundation for your skin tone, it is not too late ! Today, we give you some tips to still use such inconvinient foundation without doing a beauty faux-pas !

 Too dark foundation, too light foundation


 If the foundation is too dark: 

- First tip: take a dab of foundation and a dab of moisturizer and mix them on the back of your hand with a make-up brush. Then, apply the mixture on your face. The white colour of the cream will lighten the shade of the foundation but will also modify its coverage.

- 2nd tip: if you don’t want to modify the formula of the foundation, apply it in the usual way on your face. Then, use a liquid corrector in light touch on the edge of the nose, in the middle of the forehead, under the eyes and on the middle of the chin. Your face will be illuminated and will appear less dark. Actually, you will have a more « back from holidays » look.

 - 3rd tip: contouring is trendy, so don’t hesitate to use it! Use the foundation to make the shadow areas of the face. It’s necessary to put them on strategic zones, that is to say under the cheekbones (to find the right place, « do the fish » with your mouth and put it in that crease). Apply it on the sides of the nose so that it looks thinner for example or even on the temples, at the level of the beginning of the hair…

- 4th tip: if you have a too light foundation, mix it with your usual foundation or a too dark foundation in order to get the perfect colour!



 If the foundation is too light: 

- 1st tip: use your too light foundation in little touches on your face like an highlighter.

- 2nd tip: mix it with a darker foundation


So, now you know how to deal with a colour mistake when buying a foundation. You will be able to continue to use this foundation: an economic and ecological gesture! ;-)


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