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Why avoid silicones in cosmetics?

Publié le : 12/22/2017 16:54:57

What is silicones? These petroleum derivatives stay on the surface of your skin and hair and give them a smooth appearance, but this is just an illusion! Be careful!

Why avoid silicones in cosmetics?

Silicones are very common ingredients in the world of conventional cosmetics, in hair products, creams and make-up. These are synthetic components that are easily recognized in the INCI lists because they are all ingredients whose name ends in -ane or -one: amodimethicone, polysiloxane, cyclotetrasiloxane, cyclomethicone ...

Why are they used so much? Because they give the hair a soft, easy-to-untangle look, and the skin looks softer, smoother ...

Yes, but beware of appearances. These petroleum derivatives stay on the surface of your skin and hair and give them a smooth appearance, but this is just an illusion because they cling to the skin and hair, and their occlusive effect prevents the real care from penetrating.

It is also often difficult to get rid of them because they take a long time to disappear, not only on you, but also in nature! They are not biodegradable, and can take centuries to disappear. It is particularly because of their polluting nature that they are banned by organic labels such as Ecocert. Even if they do not pose a health hazard, why should they be avoided?

Silicones, or the worst enemy of skin with imperfections

Silicones are really misleading, because they will initially give you the impression of camouflaging your imperfections and smoothing your skin texture. Attention, this is only temporary! Because of course, if an ingredient clogs your skin ... Pimples, microcysts and other black spots are formed! Thus, silicones will worsen the condition of your skin instead of treating it and enhancing it. Forget the brand marketing slogans that promise you perfect skin!

To hide your imperfections effectively without smothering your skin, we advise you to use Avril certified organic concealer as a corrector, then Avril certified organic foundation to cover and unify your complexion. Finally, you can use Avril certified organic compact powder, which will offer a long stay to your make-up and naturally mattify your T zone!

And of course, we do not forget to clean our skin in the evening: first with Avril certified organic cleansing oil, then with Avril certified organic face cleansing gel or Avril certified organic cleansing foam!


Silicones free cosmetics 

Silicones, the fake friend of hair

We all dream of beautiful soft hair, with volume, which does not be oily too quickly ... Many brands promise us, but again, attention! Most use silicones that cling to your mane so that it looks soft and untangled ... but they actually are like a mask! Silicones remain on your hair fiber, and in the long run, they weigh down and make it oily. In addition, they prevent the real care to feed your hair! So to find beautiful hair for real, we avoid the silicone in shampoos, masks, oils and hair serums!

To be sure to avoid them, we turn to organic: you will find your happiness with Avril who offer certified organic shampoos for fine hair, greasy hair, normal hair, or damaged hair like the certified organic Repair shampoo! To nourish your hair in depth, we turn to Avril certified organic hair mask enriched with mango butter, and to bring them strength and volume, we use Avril certified organic castor oil! Dream hair assured!


Silicones, a bad weapon against crocodile skin

When you have dry skin, you buy body milk to moisturise it ... but not any one! Indeed, in most milks or butters or oils, we find again silicones, which will cover the skin with a falsely soft layer instead of really nourishing it in depth. And they prevent real care from penetrating! So we forget and opt for truly nourishing natural treatments, such as Avril certified organic body milk enriched with shea butter and sweet almond oil, or Avril certified organic dry body oil with argan oil!

With all these tips, you will really be able to locate silicones in your cosmetics and take care of yourself naturally and without harming our beautiful planet!

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