Boutique Avril Metz Cosmétique Bio


11 rue du Petit Paris

57000 METZ

Tel : +33 (0)9 83 32 24 16

From Monday to Saturday : 9h30 - 19h

In Metz, the architect Guillaume Da Silva takes advantage of the large surface of the store, and plays with the contrast between the waxed concrete on the ground and the natural pine wood that covers the walls. The driftwood trunks in the middle of the shop give it personality and strengthen Avril's natural image. In a busy pedestrian street in the city center, the large window gives a great visibility to this spectacular inside architecture that encourages passers-by to enter.

Boutique cosmétique bio Avril Metz

Boutique maquillage bio Avril Metz
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Boutique maquillage bio Metz Avril