Boutique Avril Metz Cosmétique Bio


18-20 rue Lenepveu

49000 ANGERS

Tel : +33 9 81 82 19 40

From Monday to Saturday : 10am - 19pm

For this bright Avril shop located in the nice and pedestrian rue Leneppveu, young interior designer Olivier Jourdain imagined an uncluttered and modern concept, with its floor of light wood, its white walls and its niches in varnished maple wood. The soaps are wisely placed in alveoli conceived for that purpose. Two central tables also in maple wood emphasize skin care products and lipsticks, lit by two grey rubber contemporary suspensions. In the front window, a tablet suspended at eye level allows a graphic presentation of Avril products to attract the passers-by. At the back of the shop, a make-up bar with design white stools invite you to test the products.


Intérieur boutique cosmétique bio Avril Angers


Intérieur boutique cosmétique bio Avril Angers 49

Vitrine boutique Avril Angers 49 Bar à maquillage Avril Angers

Gamme homme boutique cosmétique bio Avril Angers