Furoshiki Pétales 32 x 32 cm Organic cotton

The furoshiki, you know? It is a traditional Japanese technique of knotting fabric to pack objects. Nice, practical, reusable in a thousand ways, it's the ideal gift packaging!

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Avril quality

  • Pétales print
  • 32 x 32 cm
  • Organic cotton


How to use your furoshiki?

- It can be reused as it is or combined with other fabric scrap. Some ideas for use: gift wrapping, scarf, headband, bracelet, handbag or backpack, bottle holder, tea towel, pillowcase, tablecloth, plaid, washable cleaning pads...

- There are many image tutorials on the Internet: the possibilities are endless!

- We give you the simplest technique: your peace of fabric flat, put your object in the center. Tie 2 opposite corners together. Do the same with the other 2. It's ready to offer!

In order to be in line with our values of eco-responsibility, this product is made with 100% natural materials and we do not use chemical color fixatives (the cotton is starched). It is possible to observe a slight lightening or disgorging of the colored patterns during the first wash.


Made in India

Organic cotton

Manufacturing of furoshikis is inspected and certified GOTS. This certification guarantees environmentally friendly production and processes, respect and improvement of working conditions, promotion of the use of organic fibers, prohibition of dangerous inputs such as toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents, etc.

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