Pinceau Pro paupières N° 9 en poney japonais View larger

Brush for eyelid 9 in Japanese pony hair

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The thin and convex shape of this eyelid brush allows you to quickly and easily apply eye shadows. The pony hair, neither too hard nor too fluffy, is perfect to apply your favourite colours with precision.

3 €

Avril quality

  • Real Japanese pony hair (collected by shearing or brushing the animal)
  • Precise application

Beauty tip

For best results, apply the colour from the inside to the outside of the eyelid. Little plus: the shape of this eyeshadow brush helps blur the colours to the wanted effect without demarcation. Remember to regularly wash your brushes so that the colours do not accumulate and distort your make-up. Soak in a little soapy water, rinse with clear water and dry in the open air.


Made in France


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