Blender sponge beige Without latex

To try it is to love it: you won't leave Avril blender sponge without latex! To apply your foundation, your concealer or even your skin care, this sponge is extremely effective!


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Avril quality

  • Beige colour
  • Ultra soft and fluffy texture
  • A thin side for the precision
  • A rounded side to blur the makeup
  • Without latex


How to use your Avril blender sponge?

- The concealer: use the pointed side to put your concealer. Apply it by tapping and don’t forget the inner corner of your eye.

- The foundation: drop a little foundation on the rounded tip and apply it in circular motions. Repeat the operation for a more intense coverage.

- The face cream or serum: use the rounded tip to apply your skin care (mask, cream, serum ...)


How to clean your Avril blender sponge?

Nothing easier ! Simply rinse with clear water after each use and leave it to dry. Be careful, do not twist it to wring it out, just press it in your palm.


Hydrophilic polyurethane

Made in China

Cosmétique vegan

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