Eyelid applicator - removable foam tip

To apply all your eye shadows in powder, Avril foam applicator is ideal. It takes the right amount of colour for easy and similar  application.

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Avril quality

  • Brush designed to apply eye shadow
  • Easy to use
  • Similar application
  • Interchangeable tip
  • Vegan product
  • High quality professional brush
  • Brush Size: 16.5 cm (including 1 cm head)


How to maintain your Avril make-up brush?

- Wash with soap 1 to 2 times / week. Be particularly rigorous if you have imperfections, a dirty brush is a nest of bacteria: it's a vicious circle!

- We advise you to use Marseille soap, it cleans to perfection and leaves the hair ultra soft but you can also use neutral shampoo or washing cream

- Wash the brush head in the palm of your hand with warm water

- Gently wring the bristles with a soft cloth

- Dry flat to prevent water from entering the ferrule (the clamp ring at the base of the bristles)

- Wait until the brush is dry before using it again

- Last tip: keep the protective tip to transport it hygienically while protecting it

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Made in China

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1 review(s) on the product : 5/5

on30 Sept. 2016

great foam applicator

I apply easily my eye shadows with this foam applicator!

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