Smudger brush

Avril smudger brush is the perfect tool for you! Its rounded tip and soft hairs gradient the colours in the blink of an eye! Specially dedicated for the eyelid hollows it easily structures, now the pro is you!

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Avril quality

  • Brush designed to mix colours, make gradients, work of the eyelids
  • Synthetic hairs
  • High quality professional brush
  • Brush size: 17.5 cm (including the head of 1.5 cm)


How to use Avril smudger brush?

It's perfect for playing on eye shadow gradients. We offer you a classic version but do not hesitate to have fun with the colours:

  • Begin by unifying the eyelid with a light eye shadow.
  • Then apply a shade of the same colour in a darker version in the outer hollow of the eyelid. Blend the powder with the first eye shadow.
  • You can intensify the make-up by adding an even darker colour including flush eyelashes with Avril precision brush, the gradient effect will be all the more beautiful!
  • To define the eyelid hollow, choose a neutral shade (Cannelle mat for example) and follow the hollow of the bone with the brush. Perform a back and forth motion. Its specific shape will naturally draw and amplify the eyelid hollow. Result: the look is rejuvenated, the eye is magnified, neither seen nor known!


Made in China

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