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Cuticles pusher sticks x10

EAN : 3662217002993

These birch wood sticks are perfect for pushing back cuticles and cleaning the underside of nails in a snap.

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Avril quality

  • Set of 10 sticks
  • Dual use: push back cuticles & clean under nails
  • Birch wood


How to use a cuticle pusher stick?

  • Disinfect your nails and the stick before and after use.
  • The stick is made up of a bevelled edge on the one hand: it pushes the cuticles back. It is advisable to soften the cuticles by soaking your hands in hot water before using the cuticle pusher.
  • On the other side, the pointed end allows you to clean the underside of the nails.


Birch wood

Made in China

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