Ear cleaner in bamboo - gris foncé

No more disposable cotton swabs with Avril ear cleaner! Ecological and economical, this ear cleaner in bamboo cleans the ears of the whole family gently and in seconds.

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Avril quality

  • Colour: gris foncé (5 colours available)
  • Replaces disposable cotton swabs
  • Infinitely reusable
  • Prevents the formation of earwax plugs
  • Bamboo
  • Dimensions : 13 cm



How to use your Avril ear cleaner?

- Disinfect it before and after use

- Use the spoon part to remove earwax at the entrance to the ear

- Do not push the ear cleaner too deeply: on the one hand, you risk injuring yourself and on the other hand, earwax protects the eardrum from infections, it is best not to remove it

- For use in children, the ear cleaner should be handled by an adult. With your finger, make a stop that will prevent the instrument from reaching the eardrum in the event of sudden movement of the child.


Made in China

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