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Magnetic soap dish

The essential accessory to keep your soaps and solid products in an aesthetic and hygienic way? Avril magnetic soap dish fulfills this mission in style!

Made in France

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Avril quality

  • Magnetic soap dish with suction cup + capsule to insert into the soap
  • In stainless steel and phthalate-free PVC (according to standards below)
  • Vegan product
  • Made in France


How to use your Avril magnetic soap dish?

1. Push the capsule into the center of the soap and lather around.
2. Let dry 8 hours before the 1st use.
3. Secure the suction cup to a suitable, smooth, clean and dry wall of your choice.
4. Place the soap on the suction cup. On a daily basis, to unhook the soap, rotate it (rather than pull it) so as not to separate the soap capsule.

How to maintain your magnetic soap dish?

Weekly, clean the suction cup and the magnet part with clean water and let them dry in order to avoid the encrustation of residues which could damage the seal of the magnet.
Tips: If the suction cup feels distorted or loses its flexibility, soak it for a few minutes in hot, salted water. It will regain its original form.
If the suction cup does not adhere to a support, place it alone on a mirror. If it holds, the support must be cleaned (sometimes imperceptible limescale deposits affect the adhesion) or it is not suitable for the use of a
suction cup. If the suction cup falls out of the mirror, there is a fault with it.

What precautions should be taken ?

Keep out of the reach of young children. Risk of swallowing small parts. Do not damage the magnet, and keep it away from electronic objects. Do not use a metal tool to handle it so
to prevent the appearance of rust.

What are the advantages of this magnetic soap dish?

It is almost invisible, mobile, without drilling or gluing.

It helps extend the life of your soap dish by preventing it from melting on the edge of the tub.

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Stainless steel capsule.

Neodymium magnet treated against corrosion.

Suction cup PVC without phthalates according to the following standards:

- Directive 76/769 / EEC resp. 2005/84 / EC (phthalates in toys and childcare articles)

- Standard EN 71-3 (toy safety, migration of certain elements)

- Regulation No. 10/2011 (concerning plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs)

Capsule diameter: 23 mm
Diameter of the suction cup: 35 mm
Maximum weight supported on vertical plane: 0.2 kg
Maximum weight supported on a horizontal plane: 0.4 kg

Made in France

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