Discover our refillable makeup

Discover our refillable make-up

At Avril, our goal is to help you reduce your waste in the bathroom. We are delighted to present to you our concept of makeup which has been developed in this sense: practical, customizable and reusable.

Discover our refillable makeupDiscover our refillable makeup

How it works ?

We summarize the concept in 3 points:

▪ Refills for eyeshadows and eyebrows, blushes, highlighters and powders offered in minimalist recyclable cardboard packaging

▪ Pretty palettes or magnetic boxes in different formats, to accommodate these refills

▪ And of course, certified organic formulas, French manufacturing, and ultra affordable prices!

A little, a lot, a lot: our palettes and boxes adapt to your desires

Because we are all different, we do not have the same needs, whether in terms of makeup… and quantity! While some are limited to a touch of blush, others need more.

So and to meet all your desires, our boxes are available in several formats:

● The small format case allows you to carry just one eyeshadow (practical to put in the bottom of the bag!)

● The medium format composite case is ideal for carrying a blush or 2 eye shadows

● The large format case is ideal for carrying a powder or 4 eyeshadows or 2 blushes

For larger needs, we also offer pallets:

● The small format makeup palette is ideal for carrying the equivalent of 12 eyeshadows; However, it can be combined with all of our refills

● The medium format palette holds the equivalent of 20 eyeshadows and has the advantage of having an integrated mirror

● The large format composition palette holds the equivalent of 40 eyeshadows, and can also be composed with all of our refills

Content side: anything goes

It's up to you to put together the makeup boxes and palettes you need, from our available refills: compact powder, highlighter, blush, and eyeshadow and eyebrows.

The little extra thing, the icing on the cake, is that eyeshadows and blushes are multi-use and can be used on all parts of the face (eyelids, eyebrows cheeks). Rechargeable, modular, durable, simple and ultra practical.

Lacking inspiration? We offer kits with the right combination of shadows imagined by our product team + the palette in the right size to help you: Nude, Smoky… All you have to do is put it in your basket!

Any other advice?

  • L’objectif est de faire durer vos contenants au maximum. Nous vous conseillons de les glisser dans les pochons et trousses en coton bio Avril.
  • Petite astuce pour retirer vos fards de la palette sans les abîmer : utilisez un cure-oreilles Avril.
  • Enfin, n’oubliez pas de vous procurer les pinceaux pour profiter pleinement de votre maquillage rechargeable !