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Why Avril?

April is spring, freshness, renewal, nature reclaiming its rights... all of this corresponds well to the values that our brand carries: quality, naturalness, novelty, cheerfulness, colors... With Avril, the beautiful days are coming, we want to take care of ourselves! Not you ?

Who is April? How long have you been around?

Avril was created in 2012 under the leadership of Alexis Dhellemmes in order to make organic cosmetics accessible to all. Our headquarters is based in the North near Lille, in Bondues.
If we had to sum up April in one sentence? Easy: Avril is a committed organic cosmetics brand at a fair price! Hop there, everything is said!
We offer nearly 500 certified organic products and more than 50 Avril stores welcome you in France and Belgium.
In 10 years, Avril has grown significantly and our team is now made up of 200 passionate and exciting people. Would you like to join us too? Visit our recruitment page, we are constantly looking for new cool colleagues to support our growth!

What are the requirements for organic certification?

All our cosmetics* are certified by Ecocert or Bureau Veritas. The labels issued by these certifying bodies guarantee that we respect the certification criteria governing organic cosmetics:
- The products do not contain GMOs, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone, PEG, synthetic fragrances and dyes, or ingredients coming from animals (except those produced naturally by them or cochineal).
- The products contain at least 95% ingredients of natural origin and at least 10% ingredients from organic farming. 10% may seem quite low, but you should know that cosmetics contain a large quantity of water and mineral ingredients (therefore non-agricultural)... In reality, at least 95% of plant ingredients must come from biological agriculture.
- The packaging is validated by Ecocert or Bureau Veritas for its lower impact on the environment
We are audited every year by certifying bodies to guarantee strict compliance with the specifications for organic cosmetics.
* Except nail polishes which are not certified organic

Where are your products made?

The vast majority of our cosmetics are manufactured in France, if not by our Italian neighbors.
Some of our accessories are manufactured in Asia, always under strict control to ensure compliance with our specifications, which are as demanding as for our French productions. However, we seek to repatriate the production of our accessories as close as possible in order to reduce the carbon impact of transporting the goods: our loofah sponges are grown and manufactured in Spain, our gloves are made in Italy, our tweezers are made in France…
The country of manufacture is indicated on each product sheet on our website as well as on our packaging.

How do you manage to offer such low prices?

We get asked this question a lot! First of all, we reduce packaging to its simplest form, which helps reduce costs (and environmental impact!) Furthermore, and above all, we reduce marketing costs and try to control them as much as possible: we do not run costly advertising campaigns to praise the quality of our products. We communicate just what is necessary to make ourselves known and enable us to fulfill our mission: making organic cosmetics accessible to all! To be clear, under no circumstances do we save on the quality or safety of our products to guarantee these low prices. Our products are subject to the same legislation as other cosmetic brands, plus organic certification. It is said !

Where to find your products?

It is only on the website and in Avril stores that you will find our entire offer. Please note that we are also present at many resellers, there is bound to be one near you!

Can we receive a catalog or samples?

We cannot send samples or catalogs because we do not manufacture them! This is part of our ecological and cost reduction policy, with the aim of offering you high quality products at low prices. If you want to test Avril products before purchasing them, consult the list of retailers near you or go to an Avril store: testers are available and flash makeup is also possible if crowds permit. Our team will be able to advise you to help you find the products suited to your skin and your needs.

Do you offer a referral program? Of loyalty?

If you like Avril and appreciate our approach, help us make ourselves known by talking about Avril around you. We believe a lot in word of mouth which has made us known, and have set up a sponsorship program to thank our customers who take this step. Regarding the loyalty program, we do not currently offer one.

Can we buy an Avril gift card?

Yes, you can buy a virtual gift card on our site, several amounts are offered. This is valid for one year and can be used several times. It is only applicable on our Avril site. You can also buy gift cards in store with the same operation: these can only be used in Avril stores.

Products and ingredients

I am pregnant. Are your products intended for me?

Our products are not specifically tested for use in pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you would like to know more, we advise you to consult a healthcare professional. If the product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women (generally when it contains essential oils), this is indicated on the product sheet.

Can you be allergic to your products?

Generally speaking, allergens are not intentionally introduced into our formulas. These are substances naturally present in many essential oils, perfumes, etc. These molecules come from the fragrance of the products, which are 100% of natural origin. Registration on the INCI list is mandatory because these substances are among the 26 allergens for which there is a labeling obligation, in order to inform people potentially allergic to this molecule. For people who are not allergic to them, these substances are safe. For example, limonene is found naturally in citrus fruits. Do you have any doubts? Do not hesitate to test the product in the inner crease of the elbow before applying it to the rest of the face or body.

Are your products suitable for people undergoing anti-cancer treatments?

The term “cancer” brings together a large number of pathologies whose impact varies greatly on the skin and immune system of patients. So what is applied to the skin as a cosmetic can also have a different impact. In addition, there are as many possible treatments as there are pathologies. This therefore generates multiple conditions that must be covered. To demonstrate that our products do not present a risk for people suffering from cancer or undergoing anti-cancer treatment, it would be necessary to carry out a large number of evaluations, tests and studies for each of our references. The costs of this approach are very high and the impact on sales prices would not be less. To ensure the affordability of our products, we do not formulate or test them for use in people undergoing anti-cancer treatment. It is important to maintain the skin from both a physiological and psychological point of view. If you wish to use an Avril product, we recommend that you contact a healthcare professional who can recommend or not the use of this product. We also recommend carrying out a test on the forearm (with a minimum of 2 successive applications) to ensure that you tolerate the cosmetic product well.

Why are your varnishes not certified organic?

To date, we have not yet found certified organic alternatives for the formulation of our nail polishes. However, our formulas contain a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin and biosourced (minimum 68% biosourced + 62% natural). The other ingredients help guarantee beautiful pigmentation, shine and durability over time.

Is there palm oil in your products?

We do not use palm oil, but possible palm oil derivatives may be present in some of our formulas. Be careful however, certain ingredients such as palmitic acid – possible derivative – can come from palm oil as well as olive oil for example. With the COSMOS Organic standard, we are assured that the palm oil derivatives contained in some of our products are RSPO certified (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil = round table on sustainable palm oil, the objective of which is to promote the production and use of sustainable palm oil) or CSPO (Certification for Sustainable Palm Oil = certified sustainable palm oil). At the same time, we are considering the replacement of these raw materials in our formulas. For example, we have discontinued the old versions of our soaps in order to replace them with a palm oil-free formula. However, it is not easy to find the right compromise between the elimination of possible palm oil derivatives, the quality of the formula and the impact of the high cost of a potential substitute on the selling price of the product. final product.

Do your products contain nanoparticles?

Nanoparticles are not allowed in our certified organic cosmetic products (including our sun creams). Thus, we certify that our range of certified organic cosmetics does not contain nanoparticles. For all practical purposes, since 2013, the term "nano" must be indicated in brackets in the INCI lists of cosmetic products, after the name of the ingredient, in order to signify the presence of nanoparticles (e.g. Titanium dioxide [nano]).

Why do some of your products contain talc?

Of mineral origin, talc is an active ingredient recognized for its cosmetic properties: absorbent, anti-caking, provides softness to the touch... Rest assured, the talc used in our formulas is of natural origin and asbestos-free.

What are the working conditions associated with mica production?

Of mineral origin, mica is an active ingredient recognized for its cosmetic properties: opacifier, coloring, etc. We cannot use a synthetic product to replace mica (of mineral origin) because we are a brand of organic cosmetics and synthetic ingredients * are not authorized by the certified organic cosmetics standard. Regarding the working conditions linked to the production of mica, we have selected mica suppliers who are members of the “responsible mica initiative” who are committed to guaranteeing the best possible working conditions for their employees. You can find more information on the site:

Environnement & animals

What is Avril doing to help the environment?

Avril’s commitment is daily, the decisions we make systematically take into account the potential environmental impact. Some very concrete examples:
- Avril is a member of the 1% for the Planet collective, we are the 5th French contributor, which represents €300,000 in donations to environmental associations
- Avril implemented a reforestation program which allowed the planting of 43,412 trees on French territory
- Most of our range of cosmetics is made in France
- We reduce all unnecessary packaging and reuse packaging boxes
- We supply ourselves with green electricity, at Enercoop Our commitments to the environment are multiple: they are carried out by employees who are keen to give meaning to their work and invent a new model of more responsible society. Find here all our eco-responsible actions of which we are proud.

Is your packaging recyclable? Are you going to do bulk/refills?

We are aware of the issues surrounding packaging and are actively working on these issues. First of all, all our packaging is validated by Ecocert for its lower impact on the environment.
We have significantly reduced the plastic packaging around our accessories and our cosmetic products do not contain any excess packaging. We favor packaging with high recyclability: cardboard, paper, aluminum, glass.
For care, we have developed a range of solid products to encourage the transition to products without water and without plastic packaging: shampoos and conditioners, shaving soap, dermatological and intimate bar, deodorant balm, toothpaste tablets…
On the make-up side, we have completely revised our make-up range by offering a refillable concept: refills (eye shadow or eyebrow, compact powder and healthy glow, highlighter) and boxes are sold separately to allow you to reduce your waste and save.
We are also developing our range of accessories in this direction to reduce disposable waste in the bathroom: washable makeup remover square, natural sponges, water makeup remover glove, oriculi, etc.
Note: we tried the adventure of bulk shower gel offered in the Avril store but unfortunately the concept did not meet with the expected success.
Finally, to reduce your impact on the environment, remember to sort! Plastic and glass bottles, aluminum deodorants and cardboard packaging are recyclable if thrown into the appropriate container.
For other packaging (tubes, plastic roll-on deodorant, lip stick), the sorting instructions vary locally. We invite you to consult this site:

Are your products cruelty free?

In accordance with European regulations, we do not carry out any animal testing. As this is an obligation on the European market, we cannot use this argument for marketing purposes, which is why this claim does not appear on our packaging or on our product sheets.
We are against the practice of animal testing in markets outside Europe. Our company is listed in the PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) directory:

Are your products vegan?

The majority (more than 70%) of our products are vegan. This information is available on each product sheet. We indicate "Vegan product" in the sense of free from ingredients of animal origin. You can also consult the list of our vegan cosmetics here.
Our company is listed by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals as cruelty-free, but not as cruelty-free&vegan because not all the products in our range are vegan. Indeed, some of our products contain ingredients of animal origin (beeswax, carmine, yogurt powder or even honey).

My account/my orders

Which delivery method to choose?

If you are in France, 4 delivery methods are possible:
- pick-up in one of our Avril boutiques or at our brand headquarters (Bondues - 59): free
- Green letter (for small shipments excluding fragile products) - at home: €2.95 - Free from €25
- Mondial Relay – at relay point: €4.95 - Free from €25
- Colissimo - home delivery: €7.50
Concerning the eco-responsibility of our deliveries, the green letter is sent by train and not by plane. Delivery times are therefore sometimes a little longer (2/3 days).
We encourage our customers to be delivered to a relay point because this delivery method is more ecological and relieves congestion in cities (the famous last km!), with delivery being centralized in the same place, at the merchant's. Collect your order on foot and take the opportunity to visit the small merchants in your neighborhood. Regarding home delivery, Colissimo compensates for all CO² emissions from your delivery. Find more information on La Poste’s commitments here.
For our part, we purchase few boxes to ship your orders. We reuse the cardboard packaging of goods arriving at our warehouse. So don't be surprised to receive a cardboard box that has already had a first life and don't hesitate to give it a third life or recycle it! Of course, we do not use plastic to hold the products inside the package.
For information on delivery costs to another country, visit our Delivery page.

I can't log in to my account

If you encounter a password problem, you can reset it by clicking on the link provided for this purpose. Also check that there are no typos when entering your information and that your keyboard is not in capitals mode. No spaces should appear in the field.

I can't choose my relay point

Make sure you don't have an ad blocker. If so, deactivate it while you place the order. It is also possible that the Mondial Relay service may be temporarily unavailable. In this case, try again a little later.

I would like to withdraw from an order or a product

You can exercise your right of withdrawal within 2 months. To do this, simply contact us by email or telephone and provide us with your order number. Please note: the products must not have been opened or tried.

How to use a credit?

The credit can be entered once your basket is validated, in the “Promo code” section.

Where can I find my invoices?

You can find all your invoices in your customer area, “History and details of my orders” section. Then click PDF to download an invoice.


I want to become a reseller. What are the conditions ?

Thank you for your interest in our brand! You can find our commercial conditions for professionals on this page. Read it carefully before creating an account and ordering. We are of course available to answer your questions by telephone or email.

What are the advantages for professionals?

Our business model is different from other brands. We have chosen to keep it simple and offer our best prices, all the time and for everyone. This allows us to offer high-quality certified organic cosmetics at unprecedented prices. This is why we do not offer decreasing prices or reductions. We do not currently offer a loyalty or sponsorship program for professionals.

Do you offer displays?

All our makeup displays are available for sale in the “I order” section. The display to associate is proposed on each product sheet if it exists. In order to offer fair prices to the consumer, we cannot offer displays.

What delivery methods are offered?

If you are located in France:
- If your order is less than 100 kg, your order will be sent by DPD (delivery in 2-3 working days)
- For all orders over 100kg, your order will be shipped on a pallet via the Geodis carrier. If you are located near Lille, you can collect your order directly from the Avril warehouse (Bondues). No shipping costs apply in this case.

I can not connect

First of all, we invite you to check that you are connected to the site If you have a password problem, you can reset it. Finally, also check that no typos have been made when entering your information and that your keyboard is not in capitals mode. No spaces should appear in the field.

Where can I find my invoices or credits?

You can find all your invoices in your customer area, History section and details of my orders. Then click on PDF.

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