Our commitments

We have always written Avril's history with a conscience.

Whenever possible, we reduce our impact on the environment.

Avril gives 1% for the PlanetAvril gives 1% for the Planet

This is the percentage of our sales that we donate to the 1% for the Planet collective. This corresponds to 300,000 euros in 2023, making Avril the 5th largest contributor in France!

43 412 trees planted by Avril43 412 trees planted by Avril

This is the number of trees that we have planted on French territory since 2018 with the Canopée Reforestation association and the Naudet nurseries.


240 000 kwH of green energy240 000 kwH of green energy

The number of kWh of green electricity we produce each year by financing wind turbines and photovoltaic panels with Innovent.

Our environnemental approach for productsOur environnemental approach for products

Our product approach

We are working on solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our products in 3 major ways:


  • Reducing waste

In our packaging: reduce the use of plastic and use recyclable plastic, cover the carton, develop recharges, reduce embolisms in our access points.


  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Particularly with the relocalization of more products: the largest major item in our cosmetics products is fabricated in France. A default, in our voices, whether in Spain or in Italy. We have a higher rate of 95% of our fabricated accessories in Asia and Europe and we continue to have other accessories.


  • Encouraging fair consumption 

By encouraging our customers to choose our most environmentally-friendly products. By offering a simple range that meets basic beauty needs. And by avoiding sales and promotions that lead to unreasonable consumption. 

There are many exciting avenues open to us (new galenic formulations, new, more environmentally-friendly materials, etc.), but we never lose sight of the quality of our products, or the affordability that is one of our core values.

Towards a greener range

In concrete terms, the result of this work is the creation of products that embody our values:

  • Solid products (Soap, shampoo, hair pain, dental pastilles, gel powder to moisturize, deodorant powder...)
  • Refillable products (most of our make-up range, lip stick...),
  • Reusable accessories (refillable toothbrushes, washable make-up remover pads, ear picks, furoshiki...)

These products now represent over 70 references, allowing you to introduce new habits into your bathroom. 

We undertake all these changes with humility, aware of the road ahead. We're evolving with you, and we welcome your feedback to help us improve our ranges. Visit our Co-creation page to participate in the development of our products.

Our product approachOur product approach

Other commitments to reduce waste and CO2 emissions...

Our activity

▪ We are turning to green energy: our head office and the majority of our shops are already supplied with green electricity from Enercoop.
▪ Our offices and warehouse are designed to be energy-efficient (triple glazing, adjustable brise-soleil, air exchange, etc.).
▪ We restock our Lille shops by bicycle via the Flandres couriers.
▪ We turn off the lights in our shops at night (no shop windows lit up).
▪ All our Colissimo and Lettre Verte deliveries are CO2 neutral thanks to the carbon reduction and offsetting efforts of the La Poste group (13 tonnes of CO2 equivalent offset in 2020).
▪ We transport our pallets of goods in lorries running on natural gas (80% less CO2 emissions).
▪ Our employees no longer travel by plane, we prefer the train

Our products

▪ We refuse to develop certain products that we do not consider environmentally friendly, such as single-use products like cloth face masks...
▪ We are working to develop products in aluminium packaging, which can be recycled many times more than plastic (such as deodorant balms and shea butter).
▪ Products that cannot be sold (short expiry date, damaged packaging) are offered on the Phénix application or donated to associations.
▪ We're looking to bring manufacturing back to France (this is the case for our lipsticks, which are now made in France instead of Italy) and we're working on bringing other products back, particularly accessories from Asia (our tweezers are now made in France).
▪ We are looking into ways of delivering products to our order preparation warehouse using natural gas-powered lorries.

Logistique & informatique

▪ We only use kraft and packaging from previous deliveries as cushioning.
▪ We reuse product cartons to ship orders.
▪ We buy most of our computer equipment reconditioned.

En boutique

▪ We only print till receipts and CB tickets at the customer's request.
▪ We do not offer bags at the till and only offer paper bags or fabric tote bags for purchase.
▪ Some of our accessories are manufactured in Asia, always under strict control of compliance with our specifications, which are just as demanding as for our French productions.
▪ However, we try to repatriate the production of our accessories as close as possible in order to reduce the carbon impact of transporting the goods: our loofah sponges are grown and made in Spain, our gloves are made in Italy, our tweezers are made in France... The fabrication fee is based on the product size on our Internet site as well as our packaging.

In everyday life

▪ We do not buy any plastic water bottles.
▪ We reduce our consumption of disposable paper towels by using washable tea towels and cloths.
▪ Nous fabriquons nous-même nos produits d’entretien.
▪ We make our own cleaning products.
▪ We have entered into a partnership with Lemon tri to recycle more and better, in particular by recycling locally waste that is not collected by the local authority.

Communication & advertising

▪ We do not print any documents to promote our brand (catalogues, flyers, etc.).
▪ We do not produce samples.

Social economy

▪ We have a bank account with NEF, a social and solidarity bank. The money paid in only finances ecological and social economy projects.

Our products embody our values