Brush applicator

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Its advantages

Soft and dense

Provides intense, precise color pause

Made in France

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The routine Brush kit

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A classic for applying eyeshadow! Avril's soft, dense brush applicator ensures intense, precise color application.

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EAN : 3662217016174

Long-lasting : No

Instructions for use : Take a small amount of powder from a bucket and apply to the mobile eyelid where you want to add intensity to the color. Work the material to blend.

Maintenance advice : Take good care of your brushes. On a daily basis, clean them by sweeping the fibers with your hand. To keep them looking new longer, clean them regularly with warm water or a brush cleaner. For thorough cleaning, use soap. Dry your brushes horizontally to retain their original shape. Your brushes can dry in their protective net.

Vegan product : Yes

Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women : No

Non-organic product : Ce produit n'est pas certifié bio.

Place of manufacture : France

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