What is the essential care of a newborn?

What is the essential care of a newborn?

Avril is at the side of babies from the first moment: and yes, certified organic and made in France, the cleansing and moisturizing care products for babies that you will find at Avril are suitable for infants. But besides, what exactly are these treatments for infants, to be done at home?

What is the essential care of a newborn?What is the essential care of a newborn?

Our advice? Turn to raw products or treatments whose ingredients are listed and identified, and prefer compositions of natural and short origin. Vegetable oils, aloe vera... There are also labels and certifications that recognize the “best” natural care products, the cream of the crop so to speak for shampoos, masks, and other hair care products. .

At Avril, the majority of our products are certified organic by independent organizations. So, you can be sure that these products, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, masks, comply with these demanding specifications for organic certification. This means, for example, that at least 95% of the ingredients are natural or of natural origin or that 95% of the plant ingredients come from organic farming. This also means that you will not find any parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no synthetic coloring or perfume…

The essentials for washing, changing and hydrating

First, the liniment. It is a natural product, based on olive oil from Avril, used when changing (regularly, therefore, to maintain good hygiene for the infant). It helps clean, nourish, soften and protect baby's sensitive skin. It is applied with a large square of organic cotton, washable and reusable, on the baby's genitals and on his little buttocks.

Then, for a more complete wash of the child, apply a body cleansing cream or gel with the Avril reusable cotton square. This gentle cleanser allows you to clean your baby's entire body: face, hands, buttocks. They will require gentle rinsing. Other alternatives exist within the Avril Bébé range: the cold process soap for face, body & hair which has the advantage of avoiding the transport of water and only has recyclable cardboard as its packaging!

Once the cleansing step is complete, you can apply a moisturizing cream in addition to prevent dry skin, on the skin as well as in small folds.

Please note: the essential baby toiletry bag? It always contains reusable cotton squares, liniment, cleansing cream, sterile compresses and physiological serum.

Essentials for baby's well-being

Other essential care for the infant includes medical follow-up with the pediatrician for regular health check-ups, observation of his sleep, as well as the creation of moments of interaction and gentleness to strengthen emotional bonds.

Child massages are, in our opinion, essential well-being treatments: it is a unique, important moment in the parent-child relationship which allows the bond of attachment to be developed: a real moment of happiness !

We advise you to use a suitable baby massage oil, such as Bébé Avril massage oil, Hypoallergenic, it nourishes, softens and protects baby's skin.