Avril quality

Quality is at the center of our concerns.

Because our prices are affordable, we are redoubling our efforts to prove to you that our products do not have to be ashamed of their low prices.

They know quality!

Transparency and security

The Avril brand has always placed product quality at the center of its values. We want to be transparent: the list of ingredients is indicated on each product sheet (and it is translated into French) as well as the country of manufacture or the percentage of recycled plastic in our packaging: nothing to hide, we tell you everything!

Regular quality checks are carried out throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee the effectiveness, stability and safety of the products. An essential step is the safety assessment by an authorized toxicologist. It guarantees that the product will be safe for human health under the defined conditions of use.

This is also when different tests are carried out depending on the type of product. In particular, we monitor the evolution of the formula, its stability and its tolerance before its release. We also determine the effects of our products and provide the evidence in order to be able to claim them. The promise of the product is thus kept!


Organic & ecology labels

Our range is certified organic (excluding nail polish and the COSMOS Natural range): annual audits carried out by the certifying bodies Ecocert and Bureau Veritas guarantee our customers strict compliance with the demanding specifications of organic cosmetics.

Because this is not enough, Avril is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its products by favoring recycled and recyclable packaging, limiting the use of plastic and working on new galenics with a lower carbon impact.

Ecology being at the heart of our priorities, the majority of cosmetic products are produced in France (if not in Italy or Spain, our close neighbors!) and we favor ingredients from organic farming, of natural origin and vegan. We are obviously opposed to animal testing, in accordance with European regulations.


Qualité des produits AvrilQualité des produits Avril

Satisfaction & co-creation

Our job is to guarantee the conformity of our products, to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers, while respecting cosmetic regulations and meeting the requirements linked to environmental issues. We strive for excellence to offer you the best possible products.

Do not hesitate to give us your opinions on our products, both positive and negative: any quality feedback from our customers is taken into account and gives rise to an investigation and actions with the aim of identifying the problem, determine the cause and correct it: all for a constant improvement of our offer. If you want to know more about co-creation, it’s here!


Our products embody our values