Architectural approach

Each boutique reflects the architects' freedom of expression, revealing the subtleties of Avril's personality through their style.  Eco-design is at the heart of the architectural creation: natural materials, local craftsmanship, re-use of existing materials...

Our architectural approach for our storesOur architectural approach for our stores

A sensory interlude

It's a harmony between beautiful materials, a focus on natural light and soothing vegetation.

It's a warm, gentle atmosphere that makes every moment a moment of pleasure, set apart from the rest. Let your senses take over as you enjoy the Avril experience in our shops.

As the graphic spectacle of colourful packaging unfolds, the sense of smell takes its place at Avril. A plant scent, an essence of wood that blends with the sweet fragrances of the cosmetics... 

The sensory experience is also enhanced by trying out the products and coming into contact with the materials.

Touch, see, smell: each boutique offers a return to the essentials.


Nothing is lost, everything is sublime

The historic imprint and soul of the host district can be felt in the Avril boutiques. Their transformation always respects the architectural character of the place: the strong elements are preserved, sublimated and accompanied by the right material, in other words natural materials, local craftsmanship, reuse of existing materials, etc.

Eco-design is at the heart of the creative project, in line with our values.

The different architectural styles let their creativity express itself in every corner of the shops. From the visible face to the areas reserved for staff, the whole is enlivened by objects from local craftsmen that harmonise and add extra soul to the environment.

A rich mix that gives the Avril boutiques a real authenticity. Discover our pretty boutiques on the map of our points of sale.

Our environnemental approach for ou storesOur environnemental approach for ou stores



Our products embody our values