Medium-format composition palette

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Its advantages

Magnetic base: the rechargeable battery pack is fixed in the case

Integrated mirror

Holds the equivalent of 20 eyeshadows

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The routine Composing your palette

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  1. Medium-format composition palette
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    Iridescent praline pink
The refillable palette holds the equivalent of 20 eyeshadows, but can be combined with all Avril organic-certified refills. Choose the products you like and insert them into the magnetic case. You can then replace your used eyeshadows with the same products... or others! With its mirror, you can apply make-up anywhere!

Long-lasting : No

Instructions for use : What is this new make-up concept and how does it work? We've come up with this new concept to help you adopt a fairer consumption pattern and reduce the waste associated with make-up packaging. What's more, all the products are multi-purpose and can be used on all parts of the face (eyelids, cheeks, face, lips). The range is made up of refills in minimalist, recyclable cardboard packaging and attractive magnetic cases that hold the refills (boxes or palettes in different sizes). How many refills can I put in the cases? There are 2 types of case: 1) Cases: - Small format: 1 eyeshadow - Medium format: 1 blush or 1 highlighter or 1 corrector or 2 eyeshadows - Large format: 1 powder or 2 blush/highlighter/correctors or 1 blush/highlighter/corrector + 2 eyeshadows or 4 eyeshadows 2) Palettes: - Small format: capacity 12 eyeshadows, but use all the refills! - Medium format: capacity 20 eyeshadows, but to be used with all refills! - Large format: capacity 40 eyeshadows, but to be used with all refills! What are the advantages? - It's simple: I buy a case and then the number and type of refills I like - It's eco-friendly: refills are delivered in recyclable cardboard packaging, so I reduce my waste - It's modular: there are no predefined locations, so I can renew my refills as I need them - it's economical: with no packaging, refills are very affordable and the purchase of the case quickly pays for itself How do I protect and transport my boxes and pallets? You can slip them into Avril's organic cotton pouches and cases. A little tip for removing your eyeshadows from the palette without damaging them: use an Avril earmark. A final tip? In the interests of ecology, the cases and palettes are supplied without mirrors or brushes. If you don't have any, don't forget to complete your make-up kit with our blush brushes and precision blush brush.

Vegan product : Yes

Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women : No

Place of manufacture : China

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