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Thin natural face sponge

To wash or remove the make-up from your face, Avril thin natural sponge gets rid off impurities from your skin with softness. High quality, 100 % natural, it takes care of your skin.

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Avril quality

  • Very soft and absorbent: suits to wash the face and baby
  • Suitable for all types of skin, even sensitive ones
  • Superior quality: very resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100 % natural
  • From a responsible fishing
  • Size : about 5 to 7cm
  • This natural sea sponge is a natural product, not manufactured. Each sponge is therefore a unique product, you will not find 2 identical sponges.


Before the first use, wash your Avril thin natural sponge with soap (and extract any marine residues). Rinse it with clear water and let it dry after each use. To extend its life expectancy (approximately 6 months), do not use cleaner, do not boil and do not twist your sponge. If you have a lime water, dive it in a bath composed of a mixture of vinegar and cold water for a few hours.

This sponge has been cleaned with great care to remove any marine residues. You may find a remnant of seaweed, coral or dried wood. This is a natural phenomenon that does not affect the quality of the sponge.

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Sea sponge fished in the Mediterranean Sea in the respect of sea bed and following an initiative of responsible fishing.

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