Furoshiki Tiles 52 x 52 cm Organic cotton

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1000 reusable fabric squares

Organic cotton

Made in France

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Quick and easy wrapping? Avril furoshiki is just what you need! This Japanese fabric-tying technique lets you wrap objects with a durable, reusable material that's endlessly reusable!

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EAN : 3662217009169

Long-lasting : No

Instructions for use : How to tie a furoshiki - The quickest and simplest technique: place your object in the center of your square of fabric. Tie 2 opposite corners together. Do the same with the other 2. Your gift is ready to give! - You'll find lots of tips on the Internet for beautiful knotting. Some ideas for reusing a furoshiki? - You can reuse it as it is: gift wrap, scarf, headband, bracelet, handbag or backpack, bottle holder, tea towel... - If you're good with your hands, you can cut it up and sew it with other pieces of fabric to form new objects: pillowcase, tablecloth, plaid, make-up remover square...

Maintenance advice : How to clean your furoshiki: - Machine wash at 30° with similar colors, or better still, by hand. Leave to air-dry, as it may shrink in the tumble-dryer, or use an iron. In keeping with our eco-responsibility values, this product is made from 100% natural materials, and we don't use chemical color fixatives (the cotton is starched). A slight lightening or bleeding of colored patterns may be observed after the first wash.

Vegan product : Yes

Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women : No

Place of manufacture : India

Info tri (dematerialised) : 10

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