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Refillable palette Big size

The rechargeable make-up case holds the equivalent of 40 eyeshadows but can be made up with all Avril certified organic refills. Choose the products you like and insert them into the magnetic box. You can then replace your used make-up with the same products… or others!

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  • Big format: equivalent of 40 eyeshadows but can be made up with all Avril certified organic refills
  • Magnetic bottom: the refill is fixed in the case
  • Cardboard box
  • 20,5x13,2x1cm


This new make-up concept, what is it and how does it work?
We imagined this new concept with the aim of helping you adopt a fairer mode of consumption and reduce your waste related to the packaging of make-up products. All products are also multi-purpose and can be used on all parts of the face (eyelids, cheeks, face, lips).
The range is composed on the one hand of refills offered in a minimalist packaging in recyclable cardboard and on the other hand, attractive magnetic cases which accommodate these refills (boxes or pallets of different formats).

How many refills is it possible to put in the cases?
There are 2 types of cases:
1) Boxes:
- Small format: 1 eyeshadow
- Medium format: 1 blush or 1 highlighter or 2 eyeshadows
- Large format: 1 powder or 2 blush/highlighter or 1 blush/highlighter + 2 eyeshadows or 4 eyeshadows

2) Pallets:
- Small format: capacity 12 eyeshadows but to compose with all the refills!
- Large format: capacity 40 eye shadows but to compose with all the refills!

What advantages?
- It's simple: I buy a case then the number and type of refills that I like
- It's ecological: the refills are delivered in recyclable cardboard packaging, so I reduce my waste
- It's flexible: there are no predefined slots, I renew my refills according to my needs
- It's economical: without packaging, the refills are very accessible and the purchase of the case is quickly profitable

How do I protect and transport my boxes and pallets?
You can slip them into Avril organic cotton pouches and cases.

A little trick to remove your eye shadows from the palette without damaging them: use an Avril ear cleaner.

Any last advice?
In an ecological concern, the boxes and palettes are supplied without mirror and without brushes. If you don't have one, don't forget to complete your makeup bag with our blush brushes and precision blush brush.

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Made in Taïwan

Cardboard box

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