How to choose an essential oil?

How to choose an essential oil?

An essential oil is, in a way, the distilled essence of a plant, a bark, a bud... It is natural, by nature, and each oil is unique. From one brand to another, from one bottle to another, the quality of this plant essence varies, as does its effectiveness. The right choice therefore depends on this quality, and your intentions.

How to choose an essential oil?How to choose an essential oil?

Opt for quality essential oils 

An essential oil is a natural product above all, it is not standardized. This is what makes each bottle unique but can also vary its quality and effectiveness. To choose the right product, it seems “essential” to us firstly to turn to pure, certified organic essential oils… In order to ensure, at least, controlled quality.


An essential oil is pure when it has not been mixed with other substances, essential oils or vegetable oils. Thus, it only contains in its bottle aromatic molecules which come from the distillation of the same species of plant, variety of flower, or type of bark. The essential oils that you will find on our Avril website are 100% pure, we guarantee it!

Moreover, our essential oils are chemotyped, which means that the species, the subspecies as well as the geographical origin are precisely defined. You will find them under our product sheets as well as on the bottles themselves, on the label.

Certified organic

It is preferable to choose your essential oils in an organic version. Avril essential oils benefit from European AB Certification as a food supplement or flavoring.

Know your needs

There are tens of thousands of plants, with hundreds of aromatic molecules... which represents incredible biochemical diversity, and equally multiple and varied potential benefits. All essential oils have their properties. Some are calming, others on the contrary energizing and strengthening.

To choose the right essential oil, it is also important to know what exactly you need and what your intention is. What do you want to work on, improve, and for what purpose?

Consult an expert, aromatherapist or health professional

Aromatherapy is a specific and precise practice. To choose the essential oil suited to your needs as well as your intentions, perhaps the best way is to ask an expert on the subject! At Avril, we always recommend seeking advice from an aromatherapist or health professional.

Knowing, in addition, that for the same need, several oils can be used and that one oil can be used to meet several needs. Essential oils are active substances that must be handled with care.

Our tips for the proper use of Avril essential oils

Avril essential oils have been certified organic as a food supplement. Therefore, oral use only is recommended. It is recommended to always dilute a few drops maximum in a teaspoon of honey or sugar. A sweet dose to benefit from all their properties. It is essential to refer to the instructions for use clearly specified on each essential oil, because the dosage is not the same from one essential oil to another.