Interview: our product offering manager presents the certified organic thirst-quenching range

Interview: our product offering manager presents the certified organic thirst-quenching range

Athina, responsable offre produit chez Avril a imaginé la nouvelle gamme désaltérante certifiée bio composée d'un sérum, d'une crème et d'un masque pour répondre aux besoins des peaux en manque d'hydratation. Elle vous en dit plus sur ces produits et vous livre ses conseils.

What is this new range made of?

Elle est composée d'un sérum, d'une crème et d'un masque, tous certifiés bio, végans et made in France. Le sérum et la crème sont tous deux composés d'aloe vera bio et d'acide hyaluronique d'origine végétale. Le masque contient quant à lui d'autres ingrédients contribuant à un effet désaltérant comme l'extrait d'algue rouge.

How did the idea for this thirst-quenching range come about?

The idea for this refreshing range came from one of our in-store teams. At Avril, co-construction is fundamental for the development of a product: in addition to feedback from our customers, the teams (head office and stores) are constantly involved and consulted because their opinions are extremely valuable!

The team wanted to offer facial care products suitable for skin lacking hydration. Indeed, lack of hydration is a skin condition at any given time: that is to say, all skin types can experience this problem, whatever yours. It was therefore important to offer adapted solutions through this thirst-quenching range.

What results on the skin can we expect?

While skin that feels a little rough, "tight", and lacks suppleness suggests a lack of hydration, hydrated skin is characterized by softness, suppleness and elasticity.

With this range, you can therefore expect to see your skin visibly and lastingly hydrated, including soft and supple skin.

What is the difference compared to a classic day cream?

These 3 products will differ from classic treatments due to the presence of ingredients recognized for their hydrating and thirst-quenching action. In fact, they have been specially formulated to meet the need for lasting hydration of dehydrated skin.

What skin type is it aimed at?

Cette gamme est dédiée à tous les types de peaux qui connaissent un manque d'hydratation, qu'il soit temporaire ou non. Qu'on ait la peau sèche, "normale", mixte ou à tendance grasse, il arrive que notre peau ait particulièrement soif : on dit qu'elle a besoin d'être hydratée. Cette gamme désaltérante répond à ce besoin.

Tell us about the texture? Perfume ? Why these choices?

The texture of the serum is ultra light. It allows almost immediate absorption by the skin, for a pleasant feeling of soft skin, without excess material. The serum has a fresh and slightly fruity scent.

The cream will have a somewhat particular texture: between a gel and a cream. It is very light, milky and almost transparent. Just like the serum, the application is pleasant with rapid penetration by the skin. Its scent is discreet and delicately powdery.

Finally, the texture of the mask is more "classic": relatively thick to facilitate application in a larger layer over the entire face. The fragrance is freshly floral and powdery: reassuring and cocooning!

How to use these products correctly? How often ?

Both the cream and serum can be applied day or night. They can also be applied separately: the serum will be much lighter because its texture resembles a gel, while the cream will be smoother.

The cream and serum can be applied simply with your finger: the equivalent of a small hazelnut for the cream, and a pea for the serum is enough. Apply them with your fingertips over the entire face in small circular movements from the inside to the outside of the face, without forgetting the neck.

Regarding the mask, it should be applied to the face in a thick layer, then left to act for between 10 and 15 minutes. At the end of the application, it is recommended to penetrate the product residue using circular massages for optimal action. It is also possible to simply rinse the product.

Other products to combine with this routine? An accessory ?

To boost the thirst-quenching effect, apply your serum then your cream.

The mask can be applied using our silicone-tipped care brush: it allows for uniform and optimal application without loss of material.