Is solid shampoo good for hair?

Is solid shampoo good for hair?

It all depends on the shampoo chosen, and it all depends on your hair type and what it needs!

Is solid shampoo good for hair?Is solid shampoo good for hair?

It all depends on the shampoo chosen, and it all depends on your hair type and what it needs!

With a solid shampoo like a traditional liquid shampoo, we advise you to opt first and foremost for a product adapted to your hair type or nature. That is to say a shampoo for dry hair, normal hair or oily hair.

Please note: it is sulfate that is sometimes questioned in shampoos and other foaming products: it is in fact known for drying out hair. At Avril, cold saponified shampoos do not contain sulfated surfactants. Our classic solid shampoos contain coconut sulfates, which are gentler than the sulfates usually used. In case of dry hair, we recommend using a shampoo, solid or not, adapted to their condition as well as natural vegetable oils (argan, sweet almond or even castor oil).

Zero plastic: certainly better for our environment!

Our solid shampoos are available in recycled cardboard packaging. No plastic used, no unnecessary packaging. And that’s a little more ecological gesture. Because at Avril we consider that beauty is also trying to take better care of our environment.

Please note: Avril liquid shampoo is available in a 100% recycled plastic bottle.

How to properly wash your hair with a solid shampoo?

A solid shampoo is rubbed directly into the hair, onto the scalp or onto the hair mass. Lather into previously wet hair and then massage into the scalp. Rinse well !

Sticky hair?

After use, solid shampoo can leave the impression of hair that is not completely rinsed. We can see several reasons for this:

·         rinsing is insufficient, remember to rinse all traces of shampoo thoroughly under clean water

·         the shampoo is not suitable for your hair type or nature

·         a time of adaptation is sometimes necessary…

Do you need time to adapt?

Indeed, solid shampoos do not contain chemicals like traditional liquid shampoos, they do not have the same composition. Your hair then requires time to adapt.

Our classic solid shampoo is ideal to start with, because it contains precisely these coconut sulfates which allow a smoother transition. Available for dry, oily and normal hair. There is also a solid anti-dandruff shampoo. When your hair is used to it, you can turn to our cold saponified* solid shampoos, of natural origin, and certified organic. The best of the best!

*Cold saponification is an artisanal manufacturing process. The vegetable oils used are not heated, and retain all their virtues. At Avril you will find cold saponified shampoos and soaps for the body and face. These products are certified organic and made in France.