Milk, oil, balm, cream: which galenic form should you choose?

Milk, oil, balm, cream: which galenic form should you choose?

In the world of cosmetics, we speak of galenic to evoke the final form of a product, the state it can take when all its ingredients, active ingredients and excipients, are brought together. At Avril, we then distinguish between milk, oil, balm and cream.

Milk, oil, balm, cream: which galenic form should you choose?Milk, oil, balm, cream: which galenic form should you choose?

How do you choose them?

Several techniques allow you to choose one or other of these forms or galenicals. Firstly, at Avril we noticed that you like to choose according to your skin type:

  • People with dry skin like rich, creamy textures, so they look for comfort in balms, milks and plant oils. 
  • People with oily skin prefer watery textures (for purifying or even sebum-regulating properties), and are therefore happy with micellar water.
  • People with combination skin often seek to purify the so-called T-zone (bridge of the nose, chin and forehead) and nourish the cheeks, using micellar waters and milks. 
  • Finally, people with 'normal' skin like to play with all textures 

In other words, when it comes to texture, it's mainly a question of personal feeling and, let's say, the level of comfort you feel in your skin. While some people prefer the light texture of a milk, others will appreciate the richness of an oil or balm. Choosing the right galenic formulation therefore depends on your needs and preferences.

Why use these different formulations?

In the world of Avril, you'll find oils, milks, balms and micellar waters to remove your make-up; cold-saponified soaps and dermatological bars, foams and gels to cleanse your face and body; and floral waters and other toning lotions to complete your facial routine. 

But generally speaking, why use these products? 

  • Milks and lotions are light and easily absorbed by the skin, providing comfort and suppleness. They are used to cleanse, remove make-up and moisturise the skin on a daily basis. Milks and lotions are suitable for people with normal to combination skin.
  • Oils are richer and nourishing. They are therefore suitable for people with very dry skin, as well as for people with dehydrated skin (normal or combination skin). Versatile, oils can be used for the body, face and hair, providing nourishment and comfort. They can also be used in the same way for make-up removal or body care.
  • A balm is intended to repair the skin. Often thicker, it provides protection for the skin. Balms are ideal for very dry areas of the body (elbows, feet, hands, lips) and for damaged skin. And yes, it's also the one we use in winter...  
  • Creams offer a fine balance between lightness and hydration; a cream adds softness. Specific formulations can also be used to better target your needs (anti-ageing, soothing, nourishing, etc.). They are suitable for all skin types.

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