New: we reveal everything about our certified organic deodorant balms

New: we reveal everything about our certified organic deodorant balms

Athina, responsable offre produit chez Avril a imaginé la nouvelle gamme de déodorants baume certifiés bio déclinés en deux formules : à l’huile de coco et aux huiles essentielles. Interview découverte.

How was this new range of certified organic deodorant balms born?

In our zero waste objective, it was essential to think about zero waste deodorant solutions.

We chose to go with a “hybrid” solution since we are using a balm which is presented in an aluminum pot. Indeed, we have tried several really solid formulas and we have not, at least to date, found a formula that is easy to apply and effective.

The formula was love at first sight for everyone on the Avril team who tested it! I absolutely wanted to launch this formula for April.


Deodorant, antiperspirant: we get lost, what’s the difference?

A deodorant is not an antiperspirant. An antiperspirant will prevent sweating: which is not necessarily a good idea since sweating (even if not always pleasant) has a real role to play since it helps regulate body heat and eliminate certain wastes and toxins.

A deodorant, for its part, will help eliminate the bacteria which are the cause of odors linked to perspiration. Thus, the deodorant will help mask the odors of perspiration without preventing this natural phenomenon.

These are indeed deodorants that we are offering with this new range.

A deodorant balm is a new gesture. How to adapt to this new routine?

The difference lies essentially in the texture and the gesture. Our deodorant comes in the form of a balm which, on contact with the fingers, resembles a very light oil. The gesture is in fact different since the application is simply done with the finger, and not directly from the formula to the armpit: you therefore apply your deodorant yourself, as you would with a body cream.

Adapting to this new gesture is not that complicated: we take a little material with our finger, which we apply directly to the armpit. Repeat on the other side with the fingers of the opposite hand, and then rinse your hands.

Like any deodorant, it should be applied every day and as many times as desired.

We also remember to close the jar tightly after use!

What type of skin are these products suitable for? Can men use them?

This balm deodorant is dedicated to all skin types.

However, as a precaution, we recommend not applying them to irritated or damaged skin.

So a priori, this deodorant is made for everyone: men and women.

Coconut oil or essential oils: why offer two different formulas?

We have indeed chosen to offer 2 different references:

- One, “classic” (without perfume, without essential oils): a formula naturally scented with coconut (coconut oil which is present in the formula), a delight! Be careful not to confuse this deodorant balm with a coconut dessert! The absence of essential oils allows people who are sensitive to them or wish to avoid them to use this version.

- The other, “scented” with essential oils of peppermint and globular eucalyptus. A different choice to bring freshness and a guaranteed feeling of well-being!

What are the ecological advantages of these products compared to a spray or roll-on deodorant?

The most “ecological” of this formula:

- a short, water-free formula: less water and ingredients means using fewer natural resources

- an economical formula: a large capacity for an effective product (little material needed for application), it is a product that lasts longer

- aluminum packaging: aluminum is recyclable more times than plastic and the associated sorting sector is one of the most developed, fortunately!