What care for the body?

What care for the body?

In the Avril universe, like the larger universe of body care, there is a large quantity of treatments: products for washing, exfoliating the body's skin, hydrating it, nourishing it in depth. And all this, in the form of cream, balm, soap or shower gel, exfoliant, mask... There are so many that it is easy to wonder which treatments to choose to best pamper our skin? To answer you, everything actually depends on your needs, your desires, and what you simply want to do.

What care for the body?What care for the body?

Pamper your skin: how to provide complete body care?

A quick note before moving on to treatments: at Avril, we always advocate simplicity when it comes to your skin! We recommend using body care products with a simple composition, made from natural ingredients and/or of natural origin, gentle on the skin and preferably certified organic.

Cleaning, start by washing

The first step in beauty and body care is washing. Use a gentle, cleansing product. Here, it’s about hygiene but not only that! Washing is also the first step for healthy skin (eliminating traces of pollution, dust, bacteria or dirt which accumulate and clog pores).

Daily cleansing and body care will allow you to keep your skin healthy and comfortable. Be careful not to overdo it, though! We wash the skin of the body but gently, in order to maintain a hydrolipidic film, protective of our epidermis.

At Avril, we offer shower gels, traditional or cold saponified soaps, for the face and body... All mostly certified organic, composed of ingredients of natural origin, gentle on the skin. Favor solid textures (which do not require transport of water) for ecological reasons.

Exfoliate the skin for renewal

We like to clean our bodies to remove the day's dirt... That said, you should know that bacteria and dead skin create an ecosystem around our body, like a natural protective barrier. So, yes to exfoliate the skin but once again, gently, with certified organic products like the Avril body scrub or our gently exfoliating cold saponified soaps. We recommend one exfoliation per week at the end of winter or summer.

Moisturize body skin with cream, milk, balm

The beauty gesture that we never ignore: hydration!

Hydrating your skin means above all drinking enough throughout the day (1.5 to 2 liters of water) and then retaining this water! How ? By applying a greasy film: a nourishing (rich) or moisturizing (water-filled) cream.

There are different textures, more or less rich, to choose from depending on your skin type (normal, combination, dry, oily). We therefore advise you to apply a moisturizer (body milk, neutral cream, vegetable oil, balm) after washing, to the body and face.

And the babies?

For babies, we opt for specialized care, gentle for the skin, body, face and hair, don't hesitate to discover the Avril baby care range!