What is my skin type?

What is my skin type?

Feeling good about your skin is as easy as Avril. But to take full care of it, you need to know it. There are 4 types of skin, no more, no less: normal skin, dry skin, combination skin and oily skin. Not to be confused with skin conditions, which you can find out more about in our article.

What is my skin type?What is my skin type?

The different types of skin

Normal skin

What is "normal skin"? Normal skin has a smooth texture. It has few or no imperfections and no discomfort. Its pores are fine. That said, normal skin can sometimes be dehydrated (we'll explain what this means below).  

What products are best suited to normal skin? Normal skin types should opt for the day and night cream for normal to combination skin, the thirst-quenching serum and the Avril facial cleansing gel. They can also use the toning lotion and rose floral water.

Dry skin

What is "dry skin"? The texture of the skin here is rougher, and the skin may show scales (in other words, small flakes of dead skin detached from the epidermis), making us feel a certain discomfort. The pores are barely visible, and the skin has few or no imperfections. 

What products should I use for dry skin? A day or night cream for dry, sensitive skin, a nourishing mask or chamomile floral water. The gentler cleansing foam is preferred, or cold-saponified soap for normal to dry skin.

Combination skin

What is "combination skin"? Combination skin has a smooth texture. The cheeks are dry, while the T-zone shows some shine (in other words, the skin on the forehead, nose and chin is shinier). Combination skin has little or no discomfort. 

What products should I use for combination skin? You can use a day or night cream for normal or combination skin, a cleansing gel, a purifying or nourishing mask. You can also use witch hazel floral water.

Oily skin

What is "oily skin"? Oily skin is thicker. It is generally shiny and the pores are dilated. Oily skin has a few imperfections (blackheads, blackheads and even acne). 
What products should I choose for oily or oily-prone skin? We recommend using a mattifying fluid, purifying serum or Avril purifying mask. To cleanse the face, use a cleansing gel or 3-in-1 cleanser, and cold-saponified soap for normal to oily skin. Finally, we recommend lavender floral water.

Dehydrated, sensitive, lacklustre skin: the different skin conditions

As well as skin type, there are also "skin conditions". This is when your skin shows signs of dehydration, for example, or when it is duller, more sensitive or still displays some redness. These skin conditions are only temporary. By adopting a new beauty routine, you can reduce the effects. 

1.    Your skin lacks radiance and is dull: we recommend using an energising mask. You can also use carrot macerate or radiance serum.

2.    Your skin is dehydrated (more pronounced fine lines, feelings of tightness): it needs water, so use a thirst-quenching serum or cream. 

3.    Your skin is sensitive (redness): you can use a soothing mask or the soothing serum to calm the skin.

4.    Your skin is showing signs of ageing: don't hesitate to turn to the anti-ageing cream, argan oil, eye or lip contour care and finally, the Avril lifting mask or firming serum.