What is the best natural hair care?

What is the best natural hair care?

Nature is well made, and always gives us what we need! The best treatment for hair, in our opinion, is a raw product and/or a treatment that favors from natural origin and organic ingredients.

What is the best natural hair care?What is the best natural hair care?

Our advice? Turn to raw products or treatments whose ingredients are listed and identified, and prefer compositions of natural and short origin. Vegetable oils, aloe vera... There are also labels and certifications that recognize the “best” natural care products, the cream of the crop so to speak for shampoos, masks, and other hair care products. .

At Avril, the majority of our products are certified organic by independent organizations. So, you can be sure that these products, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, masks, comply with these demanding specifications for organic certification. This means, for example, that at least 95% of the ingredients are natural or of natural origin or that 95% of the plant ingredients come from organic farming. This also means that you will not find any parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no synthetic coloring or perfume…

What are the best shampoos and natural hair care products?

● To nourish the hair, the treatments to favor: we recommend castor oil which strengthens the hair and repairs it; aloe vera, gentle, which brings shine to the hair and softens the hair fiber; or even coconut oil, naturally moisturizing, which helps nourish the hair. Jojoba oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil… Vegetable oils are generally recognized for taking care of hair. And our advice, to make the most of their benefits: do not necessarily include them in your beauty routine but rather use them from time to time! Apply a thin layer to the lengths and ends, leave for at least 30 minutes then shampoo, paying particular attention to the lengths and ends (two shampoos are sometimes necessary).

● To wash hair: we recommend turning to cold saponified solid shampoos, that is to say shampoos which have been designed following a traditional manufacturing process which retains all the virtues and benefits of the vegetable oils which they contain. compose.

● Also, generally speaking, we consider that solid shampoos and conditioners remain a good option. For what ? Because for us, the best natural care is also care without excess packaging, without unnecessary plastic. Our solid shampoos and conditioners are available in recyclable cardboard packaging!

Finally, note that everything also depends on the nature of your hair (oily, normal, dry), and your needs. Because if nature is well done, above all it has made us all unique… as well as our hair and our scalp!