Complexion products: how not to go wrong?

Complexion products: how not to go wrong?

With a few tips, it's not that complicated to find the right foundation product for your makeup, your skin... You just need to know a few tips.

Complexion products: how not to go wrong?Complexion products: how not to go wrong?

Choose the color closest to your skin undertone

First thing to do to avoid making a mistake: find the right color of foundation product. And for that, at Avril, we advise you to choose according to your skin undertone.

Undertones are, in a way, the nuances or reflections of your skin. We then distinguish the pinkish (also known as cold) skin undertone, the golden (or warm) undertone and the neutral undertone.

How to find yours? Look at the veins in your wrist:

●     They are blue or even mauve, your skin undertone is pink; this is also the case if in the sun, your skin reddens more than it tans and your cheeks, without makeup, are rather rosy. Then opt for the Avril shades called light, golden, cinnamon, depending on your skin tone (i.e. light, medium or matte)

●     The veins in your wrists are greenish, your skin undertone is golden or warm. This is also the case if your skin tans in the sun and your cheeks, without makeup, are rather golden. Turn to Avril vanilla, beige, sand, honey or hazelnut shades depending on your skin tone (light, medium or matte).

●     The veins in your wrist are between green and blue, your skin undertone is neutral. It is neither cold nor hot. Turn to Avril nude, honey, mocha or coffee shades.

Some tips: always opt for a shade slightly lighter than that of your skin. The result will be more natural.

Also, if you want to do a test, the area of your neck and/or your jaw are more representative of the final result than that of your wrists (as we tend to think).

Choose the right coverage: light, medium or heavy

If you want to hide or camouflage imperfections, mattify the complexion: we recommend complexion products with medium to strong coverage such as Avril foundation cream or BB cream. Our foundation, for its part, offers light to medium coverage, for an ultra-natural result.

Meet more specific needs

Depending on your needs, other complexion products can finalize this base (depending on their texture in particular):

● To locally cover dark circles, imperfections, redness: we recommend liquid concealer or concealer.

● Mattify the shine of the skin and fix cream textures: turn to a compact powder which helps to mattify the complexion.

● For a healthy glow, opt for healthy glow powder.

● To enhance the cheekbones: blush!

● Finally, to illuminate the complexion and add radiance: here we recommend the illuminating base to apply before foundation or the use of a highlighter to sculpt areas of light (inner corner of the eye, top cheekbones…)