Fresh and luminous makeup video tutorial

Fresh and luminous makeup video tutorial

We know you love it so we invite you to discover a new makeup tutorial. This time with an ultra fresh and luminous beauty treatment to counter the grayness of winter and the shortening days!

Applied products

Thanks to Emma, sales advisor at the Avril Lille Center boutique for producing this video. Meet the boutique team in the pretty rue Esquermoise, number 42. Many gift ideas can be discovered in store!

And if you are traveling for the holidays, we also welcome you at Lille Europe station. A real bubble of well-being in our company while waiting for your train!

Want to reproduce all or part of this tutorial? Easy, find the products applied here:

Certified organic eye contour care

Certified organic porcelain concealer

Blender sponge

Certified organic Nude compact powder

Ball Complexion Brush

Certified organic Taupe Nacré eyeshadow pencil

Certified organic Expresso eye pencil

Certified organic Curaçao eye pencil

Glacier pearly eyeshadow pencil certified organic

Eyelash curler

Certified organic Marine water-resistant mascara

Eyebrow & Brush duo brush

Certified organic Light Brown eyebrow shadow

Certified organic Caramel Doré bronzer

Certified organic powder brush

Certified organic Rose Radiance Blush

Certified organic blush brush

Certified organic Nude eye contour pencil

Certified organic Cornflower floral water